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Toxic Flu vaccine no answer to winter flu - build your immune system naturally

Flu Vaccine - NO !!! NO !!!  NO !!!Natural Therapy

Why you may ask…  With a healthy Immune system there is no need to put this un-necessary toxin in your body. Have you ever had the flu vaccine and had the worst flu of your life a few days later?

Through Naturopathy and Acupuncture we can point you in the right direction

It is safer and more effective to strengthen your whole immune system then get a jab in your arm from the doctor. The flu vaccine only covers the viruses that have been problems in the past, not the ones that are a big problem now. Make sure that your immune system is strong enough to stop the nasties of the future by taking practioner only naturopathic products to prevent this from happening. Plus it’s safe for the whole family.

If you are prone to catching the common cold then the flu vaccine isn’t effective, as it only targets the influenza virus. Once again target your whole immune system with practioner only naturopathic products and you will target both. Your body will fight colds and flu’s without you even noticing if it is strong and healthy.

Just because it’s FREE doesn’t mean you need it…

Did you know this about Flu Vaccine

  • Cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury have been linked to autism, attention deficit disorder, mental retardation and death of children. Mercury in thimerosal found in many vaccines and flu shots contribute significantly to these problems.
  • The reason you feel worse when you have ‘the flu’ is because infections with influenza involve a combination of respiratory (cough, sore throat) and constitutional (fever, headache, muscle aches) symptoms.
  • The surface of influenza viruses are covered with two types of proteins, known as the haemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). These two proteins are continually changing by mutation to produce new strains of the virus; hence when a flu vaccine is made it will often be useless against the next batch of flu that comes along.



As a naturopath I have extensive knowledge in beneficial herbs, vitamins and minerals for the immune system. Everyone is an individual and for this reason, a generic injection like the flu vaccine doesn’t suit everyone.  Improve you health this winter with an in-depth consultation including nutritional advice, iridology and Hemaview. Hemaview will look at your white blood cells LIVE, you can see them on the computer screen in front of you. 

Have you ever wondered what your neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes and basophils actually look like– it is amazing. This diagnostic tool points me in the right direction to improving your immune system – first time.

Remember to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, filtered water and try to avoid too much fatty or sugary food. Plenty of restful sleep is also very important.

Herbs of Choice - (click natural therapy for our recommended herbs from our last newsletter)
•    Echinacea
•    Main Actions  - acute infections, immune modulating, lymphatic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral
•    Indications - Upper and lower respiratory conductions, cold, flu, sinuses, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy. Also used in glandular fever, Ross River fever, measles and tonsillitis.
•    Andrographs
•    Main Actions – Immune enhancing, anti-viral, liver protective, antihelmintic
•    Indications – Acute and chronic infections, prevents infections, digestive weakness, intestinal worms
•    Siberian Ginseng
•    Main Actions – adaptogenic, immune modulating
•    Indications - Chronic immune conditions (best avoided in acute immune), physical stress, fatigue, debility.
•    Cats Claw
•    Actions – Immune enhancing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
•    Indications – Poor immunity, tendency for infections, debility, chronic immune problems
•    Pelargonium (especially for kids)
•    Main Actions – Anti-bacterial, immune modulating, anti-fungal, expectorant
•    Indications – Acute bronchitis, acute tonsillitis, ear infections, common cold

Acupuncture and TCM help improve your immunity

The common cold can happen at any time of the year but is more common in autumn and winter.  There are not too many of us that haven’t suffered from the miserable feeling of increase mucous congestion and discharge, cough, sore throat, body and head ache.  Chinese medicine views the common cold as an invasion of an external pathogen most commonly an invasion of wind-heat or wind-cold.  These pathogens disrupt the function of the lungs and opening/closing of the pores.
Yes there is a difference between the two: Wind-cold is more characterized with the above symptoms but with a mild fever but a stronger aversion to cold, runny nose, itchy throat with clear or white mucous discharge.

Wind-heat has a tendency to have hotter symptoms such a high fever, increased sweating, burning sore throat, increased thirst and yellow discharge.
The treatment is altered depending on which is most prominent but how acupuncture works is to expel the pathogen, regulates lung function, stimulates the immune system and can help to reduce the severity and longevity of the cold symptoms.  Chinese herbs aid this process also.

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