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toxic fish oilThree recent studies suggest polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, may alter the development of brain cells. They linked exposure of PCBs, chemicals found in the environment and in farmed fish, to neurodevelopmental problems in children.

PCBs were banned in the 1970s due to their high toxicity and inability to break down in the environment.

Prior to the ban, PCBs were used in electronics, pesticides and flame retardants. Today, traces of the chemical dumped into the environment in years past are still leaking into the air and bodies of water, contaminating fish that people eat. Most of the Omega 3 consumed by people comes from farmed fish, not small wild caught fish. Fresh is best once again.

Researchers did not understand the exact link between PCBs and the effects on children before these three studies.

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The first study demonstrated PCBs alter dendritic growth and plasticity. The significance is in that these characteristics are linked to autism, schizophrenia and mental retardation.

The second study measured the excitability of neurons in the hippocampus which showed an understanding of how PCBs may impact human neurodevelopment.

The third study explained the effects learned from the first two.

Now that the PCB toxins have been linked to the causes of specific neurological disorders, researchers hope to be able to identify and develop potential treatments.

Naturopathic strength fish oil and omega supplements contain less of these nasty toxins as they have to pass many more stringent quality control measures.

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