Your Professional Image


Following is your professional image assessment. Please rate yourself with regards to the following questions.

Please note: if you are conducting this review for your team, please substitute “my team” for “I”.

1. The way I look never lets me down at work.

2. I project a positive, professional image to colleagues, and clients.

3. I always feel 100% confident about my image in meetings with colleagues, and/or clients.

4. I often receive positive feedback on my professional appearance.

5. I understand that our physical image plays a major role in how a client or business partner perceives me.

6. My image is aligned with our business values and goals and ensures that people perceive me as competent and professional.

7. I always identify and wear appropriate dress for our client or business partner in any given situation.

8. I am consistent in the way I present to clients, and/or business partners.

9. I understand the importance of first impressions and perceptions.

10. My conduct is consistent with the image I present and I deliver consistently greater than my clients and/or business partner's expectations.