January-March 2016
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Tech Tips: Wide Format Laminator Buyers Guide

Product Profile: SignMaster Flatbed Applicators

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Wayno's Gig Guide...

6-1-6 is an indy-rock, punk-rock influenced, funk and alternative band formed in Adelaide in 2013. Featuring our very own Wayno on guitar along with Jas on drums, Robyn on bass & vocals and Lachy on guitar & vocals.

These guys have played at The Metro and The Worlds End Hotel in January and have a couple of upcoming gigs later his month. If you are in Adelaide, be sure to get out an show your support!

Upcoming Events:


Mercenary Promotions Presents: Black Chrome with Pioneer of Punk Bohdan X, Perdition, Six-1-Six and Truthside. 

Friday 19th February at 8pm - $20 through Fringetix (Check the Adelaide Fringe Festival Guide)


Saturday 27th February at 8pm - FREE

Watch their Cocktail Love video on YouTube and be sure to head over to their Website  and like their Facebook Page to stay up to date wth their future gigs!


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Matts Wrap: More QLAM installs

On the Weekend: The Sign Master HQ's Bathurst wrap up


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Tech Tips: Wide Format Laminators Buyers Guide

Looking to purchase a wide format laminator?

Here are our top tips of what to look for:

  • It's essential to choose a machine with large diameter rollers (120mm 130mm). These are naturally very heavy and require minimal pressure.  The heavy weight of the roller is key to providing the ultimate finish.
  • Choose a machine with a solid state chasis. Machines without a robust chasis often experience flexing or twisting. Which besides causing countless problems and great frustration, can lead to an inferior finish and reprints.
  • Heat or no heat? Heat assist can be of benefit in creating a premium finish. By applying a small amount of heat with most jobs, you instantly achieve a smoother and more professional finish. Alternatively if you are laminating a product that doesn't respond well to heat, the heat option can be switched off and run cold. While any air will generally bleed out of a PVC laminated print within 48 hours, another benefit of heat assist is that it will ensure the job looks good immediately. 
  • Do you want to laminate continuous roll to roll? Machines like the Sign Master Series  offer this option. Other features of the PRO model include automatic roller settings, push button control panel and built in roller protection.
  • Choose a machine that is easy to use, logical, straight forward and user friendly.
  • Our final recommendation is to see the unit in action before you commit. 

Talk to us about wide format laminators. Give us a call on 1300 099 030 or email info@lamination.com.au 


Product Profile: Sign Master Flatbed Applicators

A recent addition to the popular Sign Master range is the Flatbed Applicator.

The Sign Master Flatbed Applicator has proven to be popular with sign shops and differs from other Applicators in the market.

Features like Australian manufactured Chevron glass, which guarantees a perfectly flat surface, sets the Sign Master Flatbed Applicator apart from the rest.

Its standard features include dual pneumatic control, self-healing work mat, media trays and back-lit table.

This solid state unit comes complete with a compressor and is available in various and custom sizes up to 5.2 Metres in length.

Our Sign Master Applicator tables are proving to be a big hit! Here's why:

  • Assembled and tested in SA
  • Australian manufactured Chevron glass
  • Robust solid state chassis for stability
  • Easily adjustable pneumatic roller pressure with self-lubricating system
  • Dual pneumatic roller control
  • Fluorescent back-lit work bench
  • Self-healing work surface
  • Compressor included


What our customers are saying: About the Sign Master Flatbed Applicator

We have been using our Applicator in-house for over 12 months now. We don't know how we managed so long without one and neither do our clients.

Check out what our customers are saying about the Sign Master Applicator Table:

"I don't know why we didn't get one sooner. The Sign Master Applicator Table has become an important and integral part of our production, it's easy to use and saves so much time when over-laminating rigid materials, flexible materials and even applying application tapes. We now produce a perfect result every time" - Martin, Price Screen & Digital

"We certainly made a great decision when we bought our Sign Master Applicator Table. Production is now super fast, it leaves no air bubbles or defects and can easily be done with only one operator. I would recommend this machine to anyone in the signage industry" - Darren, Read Brothers Signs

"We have recently installed a new Sign Master Applicator Table into our Victorian factory. This recent addition has increased not only productivity and efficiency but also reduced our wastage and re-work. We will definitely be installing more of these in our operations throughout Australia. In a competitive market where margins are tight anything that gives you that edge helps" Clay, Bentleigh Group

Visit our Sign Master Flatbed Applicator page to download brochures and learn more about these superior pieces of equipment!