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The Australian Investment Property Network (AIPN) is HERE!  After a decade of marketing Investment Properties to Mums and Dads around Australia, so that these folks can enjoy their life as well as their golden years in retirement, James wanted to give back to the investors and help other people who want to investing for their future.

Many of my clients have accumulated sustainable wealth through property investment over the years and we know that others want to do the same. The AIPN was  formed so we all can prosper from the growth in property market.  Together we can achieve more and we can all grow our wealth. It's all about:

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Thanks to Terry Ryder , Property Observer, The ABS, BIS Shrapnel, Property Monitors, Colliers, Core Data, RP Data, Residex, SQM and others for the material discussed.

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What information is in this Property Update?
This Property Update  has been put together from the many articles and research James Cagney has accumulated over the last few months. I have included succinct excerpts from these, which I believe will be the most beneficial for you. We do need to learn from the past if we have any chance of predicting the future.  Just scroll down to whatever section interests you in the main body of this Update and start reading NOW.......
  • My no B.S. property predictions for 2016
  • Sydney property values going down...down....down
  • How did my Queensland property market  predictions for 2015 pan out?
  • Follow the infrastructure and property Cycle in 2016!
  • Topics covered in recent Property Updates
  • Hot Property..... be quick
  • Free financial assessment worth $500
  • Inspiration of the month.
  • What to look forward to in the next Property Update.
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My appreciation to these companies and researchers who provide sound  research and expert opinion on property markets in Australia:  SQM, Core Logic/RP Data, On the House, Michael Matusik, Terry Ryder, BIS Shrapnel, Property Observer, NAB Residential Property Survey, Herron Todd White and more.
My No B.S. property market predictions for 2016

Unfortunately, today, the media is saturated with conflicting news about the property market and the share market. Who do you believe? The problem is that the television, newspapers, magazines and social media are given information by individuals, companies and property developers that only have their own self interest at heart. Reporters are starving for sensational news so they can make a name for themselves and then the publication sell media space to readers who soak up misinformation. I prefer to look at the media as a unreliable source where the content needs to be verified by sound research. There are reliable research companies (listed above)  that report regularly on the property market and the real skill is in filtering through these to identify the trends in the market place. Property follows cycles and we need to have a long term strategy in order to make money.

I have given you my opinion about the property market in sections for each State. Not all States may interest you so you can scroll down to the State/s you are interested in. It would be most beneficial for you read the whole article below to get a better understanding about the trends in the market place. 

We need to look at three factors when deciding where we should invest our hard earned money.


1) The trend over the last 10 years, 1 year and last quarter.

2) The amount of money to be spent on infrastructure in the region.

3) The Federal & State Governments commitment to create jobs in a particular region. 

Well that is not as easy as it should be. The trends are relatively easy to obtain. The amount of money to be spent on infrastructure and the commitment to create jobs within a region can change depending on the agenda of the government and this is especially difficult to determine in an election year like we have in 2016. I will cover the property market for the Sates and Territories within the three Factors below:

FACTOR 1 - The trend over the last 10 years, 1 year and last quarter.

I do not pay too much attention to monthly statistics because there are so many influencing factors  and these can be so easily misconstrued.

Let's look at the trends within housing market first as this is a good place to work out trends. Units tend to be more unpredictable because of the variances in supply and demand within a city. For example, if 10 buildings are completed in a specific quarter this could add as many as 1,000 units within that quarter into the market and  a huge oversupply may occur in the short to medium term. most capital cities are already in oversupply and expect rental yields to drop dramatically. Therefore i will concentrate on house prices in this Property Update.


Capital Median Price 10 yrs%pa End Dec'15 Last Qtr
Adelaide $442,500 4.64% 4.80% 3.04%
Brisbane $500,500 4.07% 3.40% 1.00%
Canberra $577,500 4.79% 5.53% 1.69%
Darwin $457,100 6.19% 0.50% -1.32%
Hobart $387,000 2.98% 4.90% 1.81%
Melbourne $737,000 7.24% 13,00% 2.68%
Perth $527,000 3.23% -0.66% 0.57%
Sydney $1,065,500 7.13% 18.36% 1.73%
Australia $517,500 4.61% 6.70% 1.76%










(1)The median price is the middle price of all properties sold within that period and not the average. (2) Information above provided by . Median prices and rental yields may well differ from other published websites sites and research companies.                                                                                      

Looking at the statistics above can be confusing. But look for trends knowing that property values cannot sustain massive growth that are way above the average or norm Sydney and Melbourne house prices skew the median price of houses plus the average growth of property within Australia. If you take the values in regional areas you will see a dismal trend in most regions because of the lack of demand and the end of the mining boom.

Other trends like "Rental Yield" are also good indicators of trends as renters struggle to cope with the cost of living and the decrease in take-home pay of many workers. The high wages paid in mining areas are no longer applicable and workers are accepting lower pay and working longer hours to make up the shortfall in the monthly income.

Rental yields have been declining in most capitals. Combined capital city house rents were recorded at $487 per week in January 2016. Over the past month, house rents rose by 0.1% and over the past three months house rents rose 0.1%.. Over the past year, house rents are -0.3% lower. For as long as CoreLogic RP Data have been tracking rental growth figures,house rents have never before fallen on
an annual basis while annual unit rental growth is occurring at its slowest pace since late 2003.

Over the past 12 months to January 2016 the capitals that had small increases in rental growth were Canberra 1.8%, Melbourne 2.1% and Sydney 1.1%.  The worst was Darwin (13.1%), Perth (8.5%), Brisbane (0.7%), Adelaide(0.4%) and  Hobart (0.2%). Not great news for property investors but when you consider the falls in the Australian stock market of $100 Billion in January 2016 alone -  it still the safest investment right now and rents and yields do change depending on supply and demand - it is a cycle.

As for regional Queensland read  the section "How did my predictions for Queensland in 2015 pan out" below. I will cover regional NSW and Victoria in the next property Update.

If you want more information on the trends in capital cities and regional areas you can contact James Cagney and he will gladly provide the research he has available. 

FACTOR 2 - The amount of money spent on infrastructure in the region.

Let's concentrate on the published major projects over $500 million which are planned for the next few years. These are subject to change as the States fight for a larger share of the infrastructure pie because that means an increase in jobs within the State which leads to more property taxes, land taxes, business taxes, GST etc. etc.


No. projects

$500mil +

Est & Approx.

Total Spend

ACT 1 $500 Mil 1%
NSW 25 $12,5 Bil 25%
N.T. 2 $1 Bil 2%
QLD 41 $20,5 Bill 41%
S.A. 8 $4 Bill 4%
TAS 1 $500 Mill 1%
VIC 7-8 $4,0 Bill 8%
WA 14 $7 Bill 14%
TOTAL 95 - 100 $50,0 Bill 100%

I have dealt  with the property market for each State and Territory individual taking into account the Median Prices in Table 1 and Infrastructure plans in Table 2 in my "NEWS" section on my website. I have given you a brief summary on each State and Territory which will not take you long to read.  Once you have gone through this Article please return to this Property Update because the Sections below entitled  "How did my predictions for Queensland in 2015 pan out"  and "Sydney property values going down....down.....down" does go into far more research about these two markets.


I will be going into more specific detail for each of the above cities and towns in the next Property Updates. The next Property Update is due end  March 2016. If you are looking to invest in a particular city or regional area within Australia please contact James Cagney and he will gladly provide whatever research he has available.


Please note that the information herein is of a general nature only and is not intended as formal  advice for any particular person or entity. The contents of this Property Update has been prepared without taking into account the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual.   Information herein includes material obtained from third parties considered to be reliable. Whilst this information has been diligently compiled, no warranty or promise as to its correctness is made or intended. Investors should undertake independent research to satisfy themselves that any details herein are true and correct. In addition, no predictions have been made about an individual's potential profit, loss, capital gains or rental returns.

You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained in this Property Update for your investment strategies. Changes in government policy and legislation occur frequently and without prior notice and financial markets are unpredictable.

Sydney property values ....?

Well first of all you can not classify Sydney as one market. With over 4 million people with well over 150 suburbs where property values are over $1 million in value you can not compare this to any other city in Australia (with the possible exception of Melbourne). You almost have suburbs within suburbs in Sydney and prices vary significantly from street to street in many suburbs. So how can you make comparisons and predictions in a city like this?

Is Sydney overpriced? To read more about about this go to this Article .

How did my predictions for Queensland in 2015 pan out?

I am going to be my own harsh critic on previous predictions I made about the property market in January 2015 and show the impact this will have in 2016.   You can simply read below or you can go to the article I wrote in January 2015 which I edited in after Cyclone Marsha.

Cyclone Marcia did result in a temporary increase in the rental market in and around Rockhampton and Gracemere as people moved out of their damaged homes and tradies moved in to repair the damage. Click to continue reading this important article. 

Follow the Infrastructure and the Property Cycle in 2016

You have to follow the infrastructure to be able to predict where the growth in house prices is going to be over the next few years. As Tom Cruise said in in the movie Jerry Maguire "Show me the money". 

Once you know where the money is and estimate where the properties are in the "Property Cycle and Cycle of Market emotions" model you will be in a better position to determine where to invest your hard earned money. Click on the adjacent image for a larger version of the model.

There are four key drivers for property growth:

(1) Employment

(2) Affordability

(3) Population Growth

(4) Rental Yields

New jobs create confidence in a region. What is evident is that State Governments are selling assets to finance infrastructure. Nationally we have around 100 approved projects each over $500 million. To read reading click on article.

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Inspiration of the Month
"Courage isn't having the strentgh to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength" Napoleon Bonaparte
What to look forward to in the next Property Update

The next Property update will have specific areas of high growth and the different options available for investment. I will also share more of my experience and knowledge with you. There are obviously many ways to make money through property investment. What is the alternative - the "Share Market". The share market has lost billions over the past few years and your Superannuation is closely tied to the massive rise and falls of share market - just like a dead body with a concrete weight at the bottom of a river. The problem is when you retire and you have to go through these rise and falls of the share market you may well have to go back to work. The government does allow you to make limited pocket money whilst you retire.

You know they said that the Titanic was unsinkable. When you only relying on the government pension or allocated pension (Super) to keep you comfortable in your retirement think about the Titanic. You have to get out of your comfort zone and take control of your own future.  Stay tuned for more exciting news in the next Property Update.

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This is not financial advice. You should not act solely on the basis of the material contained in this Property Update for your investment strategies. Changes in government and legislation occur frequently and without prior notice and financial markets are unpredictable.
Please note that the information herein is of a general nature only and is not intended as specific advice for any particular person or entity.
This information was written and compiled by James Cagney.  The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of his associates including 
Asset Financial Services Pty Ltd.