Many residents with dementia will benefit from the use of finger foods. Thiose who can no longer use a knife and fork but are too independent or refuse to be fed are particularly at risk of not eating sufficient to meet their needs. 

Finger foods are more than just little pies and pasties. All of the food groups should be offered in a variety of ways if a resident is relying soley on foods that they can pick up. The following resources will provide more information:

Finger Food - A 3 Week Menu and Recipes by Nutrition Consultants Australia

Its All About the Food Not the Fork by Peter Morgan-Jones

Finger Foods Video by Hammond Care   


Does you menu comply with the new Dietitians Association of Australia Menu Review Audit Tool?

NPA can audit your menu using the new tool developed and designed by dietitians to give a consistent approach to advice and nutrition care.

Call us for more information about how you could receive an assessment of your menu- either in person or remotely using Skype.



There is still time to register for our upcoming 2 day Improving Nutrition Seminars in Newcastle and Devonport.

The Day 1  program this year has a focus on Nutrition in Dementia and the consequences of Frailty. Day 2 showcases the new Dietitians Association of Australia's Menu Review Audit Tool and how to ensure that your organisation meets recommendations.

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Have you attended NPA's Improving Nutrition in Aged Care Seminar? We are now offering the seminars as a series of online e-learning presentations.

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NPA has also developed a set of resources and information for aged care homes.You can begin accessing  the NPA resources from our website now.

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