Are you struggling with providing a gluten free diet? Do any of your residents request a 'low gluten diet' when they do not have a diagnosis of Coeliac Disease?

A gluten free diet for Coeliac Disease must be 100% strict 100% of the time- no exceptions. It is essential that all staff involved in providing any food for individuals with Coeliac Disease are familiar with this guideline and that residents are provided with suitable items at all times. Careful attention must be made to cross contamination as even 1 stray breadcrumb can cause damage to the gut of a person with Coeliac Disease.

Coeliac Australia have a number of great resources for the gluten free diet:

Nestle have also produced a toolkit for food service providers regarding the key elements in catering gluten free.

It can be very confusing when a resident states that they can have a small amount of gluten. They generally do not have Coeliac Disease. They may in fact have irritable bowel syndrome and find some relief from less wheat based products in their diet. Refer to your dietitian for advice whenever you are unsure.


Does your organisation have a Nutrition and Hydration Policy that outlines the overall philosophy and direction for your food service? Does it reflect current Best Practice and does it really describe what you do?

It is often found lurking in amongst general policies and procedures and may not have been looked at for a long time. Perhaps dust it off and make sure that it really reflects what you are aiming to achieve.

A good policy may include statements about meeting residents nutrition needs, offering choice and ensuring that they receive items that they enjoy. NPA can assist with a template if needed.



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