October 2017

October is here after the record-breaking heat of September for us in Qld and all the signs point to a hot summer. We have experienced extreme weather across the various states and seen some go skiing to Australian Ski fields in Spring, usually unheard of in Australia and others complain about lack of rain.

Watching the weather reports does not seem to give any concrete certainty at times. Its all a bit "up in the air", literally!
Anyway, we are heading into the time of year when many are planning end of year functions, holidays and dare I say it planning for the New Year. We are off for a short 1 week break ourselves and hope to share some photos on our facebook page whilst we are away.

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We are finding more and more that we can communicate quickly and easily with many on Facebook Messenger rather than emails and even texts or phone calls.

What is your preferred method of communication for a quick question, confirmation or contact?
I have put some articles in here today featuring subjects I see continually raised on the various social media channels.

Hope you find them of interest. If you have subjects you would like covered please let me know.

Steve is not only a great Financial Adviser but he loves his Trivia and uncommonly known facts. We will feature some each month in the new section "Steve's Tid Bits". He would love to hear yours if you have some.



Steve's Tidbits

  • Brass doorknobs disinfect themselves after 8 hours
  • There are more TV sets in the US than there are people in the UK
  • If you Google search the word 'askew', the page content will tilt slightly

Introducing the new smart(er?) home

Driving towards a mega mansion and watching the house light up as the gates open. Clapping hands to dim the lights and turn up the music. Blinds opening automatically to reveal a stunning vista from the exclusive perspective of a minimalist holiday home/evil lair. If these scenes sound familiar, it's because they've been TV and film tropes for years, used to illustrate a certain kind of conspicuous consumerism. But home automation has come a long way from its inception in the 70's and is no longer the domain of the super-rich.

Contemporary smart home systems allow users to automate a huge variety of manual functions. Think of something you'd normally have to be home for or something you hate getting off the couch to do and a smart home system can probably do it. All those jokes about having a robot to grab a beer for you in the middle of a match? Not that far off reality anymore.

You might have heard the phrase 'internet of things'......Read more

Home ownership in the spotlight

Housing affordability continues to be a major concern in Australia and not just for would-be first home buyers. It also affects pre-retirees forced to work longer to repay bigger mortgages and older Australians unable to downsize from large family homes due to a lack of affordable options.

The latest 2016 Census revealed a gradual decline in homeownership over the past decade from 68% of all Australian households in 2006 to 65% in 2016. And those of us with mortgages are more likely to be stretched to the limit, with over 7% of home buyers paying more than 30%  of their income on mortgage costs.

It's not only homeowners feeling the pinch. Rising house prices mean more of us are renting in the private market. Almost 25% of households are renting privately, up from 21% a decade ago; a further 4.2% are in public housing. This puts upward pressure on private rents and increases demand for public...  Read more

The risky business of cryptocurrency investment

You've probably heard by now of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the space of eight years, they've gone from a geeky novelty to big business and investors are beginning to take note.

There's an estimated US$US100 billion worth of cryptocurrency floating around in cyberspace. In the real world, there's a small but growing number of Bitcoin ATMs appearing in the world's metropolises. Heavy hitters including Microsoft, Virgin Galactic, and Expedia now accept Bitcoin as payment, in certain circumstances.

For those looking to turn a (tangible) dollar, investing in cryptocurrency has proven to be lucrative. If you'd bought US$100 worth of Bitcoin in 2009, it would now be worth more than US$70 million, but there have been some stomach-churning falls along the way.

Mining for cyber gold

In the late 1990s, when online transactions were becoming common, tech geniuses started musing about creating a new decentralised currency... Read more

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