Hi Friend!

Connection Marketing Club are launching an exciting new live marketing jam session this Tuesday and they wanted to invite you to attend.

Any business in the webinar will get a bonus $500 worth of radio advertising just for attending and there is so much cool business marketing stuff they are going to work through so be sure to check it out.

In the live session they will cover:

How they sent 1 SMS and generated $12,990 in revenue
How free movie ticket made over $25,000
Why to stop selling your soul and lowering prices
How you can give away a European holiday for only $379

That's just a start so be sure to register and they can chat through some pretty easy and cool marketing ideas to get your business returning the best profit possible.



Regards , Janet Culpitt 

E: admin@janetculpitt.com.au
P: 07 5530 3500