Hi Friend!


Well, Easter is this week and then the Commonwealth Games start!

2 short working weeks for me that will be even shorter as I am attending some events at the Games.

I have so much to share with you, I don't know where to begin.

I have been doing lots of regular Radio interviews nationwide over the last couple of months and they are really gaining momentum now.

I am loving the work and also the elevated conversations and subjects that we are discussing ranging from our relationships with others, connecting  on a conscious level, how stress and anxiety is affecting over 50% of the Australian population and how we can help those around us in our own 'network', and accountability to ourselves and others. One of my interviews is to be a 3 part series following Easter on ABC and I am so excited about that.

I have learned so much in this process ( see below for an upcoming webinar) and made some valuable connections.

I now have even more tools to share with my Coaching clients.( who by the way are going ahead in leaps and bounds)


I have limited vacancies for some more clients to commence in June 2018 if you want, or know someone else who does, book a Discovery session with me now to see what we can do together. http://networkingwithconfidence.gettimely.com/#services


What's coming up?


I have my next Elevated Conversations and Connections morning at Royal Pines Gold Coast following the Games and Anzac day on 27th April. I've decided to extend the time so that those who like a breakfast and then get back to work can do so, and those that have a school drop off can come later and stay later for a brunch. I'm giving people this options to enable connections to grow.

Please register and come along and join me, I'd love for you to meet some of the amazing ladies who already attend.( I have a special 'Corporate Retreat' offer for all those who do register but I won't share that until you register)

Book HERE for the next one 

I have teamed up with my dear friend and colleague, Sharon Jurd, and we will be doing a one-day event in Toowoomba on 16th May Evolution for Progress ( just prior to me going to the UK for 3 weeks). This event will be workshop style and will see me discussing Networking and Relationship Building to grow your business, and Sharon on Speaking from the 'stage' and together we will giving business owners tools to build their business encouraging Evolution to a higher level of confidence and success

We will be staying overnight before and after this event so welcome any other who may wish to take this opportunity to make this a mini-conference for their business to register and stay too and spend more time with us, perhaps over a meal.


Further details and to Book, Please click HERE

I am excited to share with you the following.  If you want some free radio advertising along with some very powerful expert knowledge on marketing and increasing your profitability then take advantage of an upcoming webinar on Thursday 29th March.  Please click HERE for more information. This content is tried and true and quite honestly something every business should be aware of.

That's all for now. Keep in touch and looking forward to chatting with you soon.


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Regards, Janet Culpitt 

E: admin@janetculpitt.com.au
P: 07 5530 3500