April 2018

The Commonwealth Games are currently being held on the Gold Coast. So proud to see our hometown showcased. There has been much for and against these games and its effect on the locals.
We have had both overseas and interstate visitors in our AirBnB unit who have loved the opportunity to stay somewhere local to visit the games and the Gold Coast, that is affordable and homely. To us, this is our contribution to the Games and also the local community.

Welcome to the latest edition of our client newsletter! We've included a mix of articles designed to share our insights and experiences, we hope you enjoy reading them. Let us know your thoughts and feedback so we can ensure we are providing you with a read that is worthwhile to you.

In this edition, we discuss some apps for your device and provide you with information on common scams and explore the issue of continued learning.

If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in this newsletter, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the read.

Regards Janet and Steve

Three apps that could help you save a ton

According to some estimates, the average Aussie has over 30 different apps on their phone, the most popular downloads being social media and messaging apps.i Have you got more than a few apps on your phone that don't do much for you except make your photos look funny or keep the kids entertained for five minutes at a time? We've got some suggestions that may be well worth your time literally.

Keep on track with your goals

Looking for a dead simple, branding-free, product free app to help you stay on track with your savings goals? TrackMyGOALS is an award-winning app by ASIC's MoneySmart.ii It's based on techniques that data suggests work consistently for successful savers. In other words, it's a digital version of what your smug saver mates would tell you to do. Only the app takes a bit of the effort out for you. One of the ways it does this is by allowing you to have clear visual representations of each goal. You can also prioritise goals, Read more

Common online financial scams to keep an eye out for

They say that crime never sleeps, and neither does the internet especially when it comes to money-related scams, including identity theft, fake financial schemes, and more.

The good news is that improved research and information-sharing between international agencies is already helping us catch up. Now that 2018 is well underway, we're starting to see a lot of really interesting data come in from regulators and researchers on 2017's worst financial scams and identity theft crimes. Their reports are full of insights and tips that could save you from falling victim to a scam in the near future.

Here are two of the most common and damaging scams
Remote access
According to the ACCC's ScamWatch, remote access scams are already one of the most common and costly crimes of their type in 2018.i But what exactly are they?

Remote access scams are when someone phones you pretending to be from your phone company, internet service provider, or Read more

Never stop learning

If someone asked you to name the last time you learned something new, chances are you'd think back to the last time you studied at school, uni or TAFE. It's pretty natural to equate 'learning' with formal education. But most of the facts, skills and thought processes you learn don't come from textbooks and lectures. The old saying "you learn something new every day" rings true, especially given that we're lucky enough to live in a country with good internet access and lifelong learning infrastructure. These learning opportunities are well worth pursuing and not just for the sake of your career.

The benefits of self-education

Several studies suggest serious benefits to self-driven education throughout your lifetime. One meta study from Europe concluded that there are benefits in three major areas: economic (more skills for employability), personal wellbeing (personal confidence, cognitive practice), and social.i One of the social benefits of learning new things  Read more

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