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You'll never know how gripping stage fright feels like unless you're actually on stage in front of hundreds of people. All eyes are on you! and knowing that every person in that room is hanging on to every word you say is enough to make you break out in a cold sweat. Even if you tell yourself a hundred times to relax, it won't do any good.

So the question now, is it possible to conquer stage fright? My answer is YES!

If you've always wondered how to reduce your fear when speaking on stage, here's how.

1. Study!

When you know your topic like the back of your hand, speaking will come naturally and you can easily stop stage fright in its tracks before it overcomes you. To put it simply, preparation is key. As long as you know what to say, you'll do great.

2. Practice!

Studying your topic helps, But it's not enough. It still won't get rid of the anxiety unless you've practiced it a number of times. Practice helps build your confidence.

3. Visualise!

Allocate some time to visualise the outcome of your presentation. Fun? Eloquent? Interactive? Think of all the positive things that are going to happen during your speech..because the more you imagine positive things, the more likely you'll attain it.

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