Have you seen the new book from Peter Morgan-Jones and Hammond Care? Peter states that "Lobster for Josino"  was motivated by the experience of a friend's dying request for a favourite last meal. The book outlines ideas and suggestions for people in the last stages of life, using innovative concepts to allow enjoyment of foods in the palliative care setting.

Also have a look at the resources at Palliaged for some more resources about catering for individuals at the end of life.


How exciting would it be to receive these biscuits when on a pureed diet? It was great to attend the LHI update day on texture modified diets with Tibor Paller. Have a look at Tibor's Kitchen Facebook page for some more inspiration on presenting pureed meals. There are some complex recipes but also a lot of very simple ideas. Don't think you need to do present everything as molded or gelled foods, but try something new for a special occasion- your residents will love it!


I was very pleased to be asked to be on the panel for discussion about Living Your Best Life for Aveo at the new Newstead complex in Brisbane. Paul Mercurio entertained the crowd while John Casey, Jason Eldering and myself talked about good food and good living.

And what a view accross Brisbane from the top of the complex. Certainly a wonderful dining experience.


There is still time to register for our upcoming 2 day Improving Nutrition Seminars in Sydney and Adelaide (and other states later in the year).

The Day 1 program  has a focus on Nutrition in Dementia and the consequences of Frailty. Day 2 showcases the new Dietitians Association of Australia's Menu Review Audit Tool and how to ensure that your organisation meets recommendations.

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Have you attended NPA's Improving Nutrition in Aged Care Seminar? We are now offering the seminars as a series of online e-learning presentations.

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NPA has also developed a set of resources and information for aged care homes.You can begin accessing  the NPA resources from our website now.

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