Term 3, Week 2 - Friday 02 August 2018

From the Principal

Parents & Friends

As you know, having strong connections with our community is vitally important to our wellbeing as people.  The same is true for schools with bodies such as the Parents & Friends Association, helping to bring families together socially and for the purposes of raising funds to support our children's education.

After the recent nomination of a new P&F Committee, I would like to publicly thank Mr Rob Costanzo for his leadership and generosity in the P&F over many years.  At our first event this year, Rob spoke of the P&F as the 'fun group' that brings Rostrevor parents together as we support the education of our boys.  I remember thinking at the time what great wisdom lay beneath Rob's invitation to parents.  Coming together socially is great for us adults and one of the best things we can do for our boys.  They grow up more confident and safe in an environment where their parents know the parents of their friends.

In future editions of this Newsletter we look forward to periodic updates from the Chair of the P& F, Mrs Daniella Masullo, about upcoming events and the work of the P&F more generally.

Prayers Requested

Please keep young Theo Sweeney (Year 5) and his family in your prayers.  Theo has been in and out of Intensive Care over the last two weeks battling illness.  Thankfully, he was beginning to show signs of improvement yesterday.  We wish Theo well today as he celebrates his birthday in hospital.

Palma Merenti Awards

At our Principal's Assembly this morning, we acknowledged the academic achievement of individual Middle and Senior Year students as recipients of Palma Merenti Awards and, collectively through every student's contribution to points, the House Academic Shield.

We acknowledge that not all students will attain the highest standards and that excellence is measured in different ways for each student.  With this in mind, we understand that recognising individual improvement is key to helping all students attain their personal best in any field of endeavour. Therefore, we have recently introduced a new award to recognise students who improve their Grade Point Average (GPA) by 5% or more at the end of the reporting cycle.

Palma Merente Award Winners

National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA)

The Rostrevor community is invited to nominate a teacher or teachers who have made a difference to your son's wellbeing and education.  We have had several teachers who have been nominated in the past and a few who have even made it through to the National finals.
It is no accident that students at Rostrevor achieve outstanding SACE results and experience success once they graduate from Rostrevor.  It is one of the best examples of the notion that 'it takes a whole village to raise a child'.  Nevertheless, many teachers have an extraordinary impact on the lives and learning of their students.  Such influence is worthy of our acclaim through award programs such as NEiTA.

If you wish to nominate a teacher or teachers, please click here.

Rostrevor V Sacred Heart Intercol

Best wishes to all our teams for their matches this weekend as we celebrate the 95th Anniversary of this terrific rivalry with our friends from down South.  Our special thanks go to the boys in the Red & Black Army who will lead us in the cheering and support of our Rostrevor teams.  Go the Red & Black!

Brian Schumacher

Rostrevor College hosts Special Olympics
Messenger Article: http://ow.ly/VmAl30ldcqJ

The opening week of my tenure as the new Head of Co-Curricular Programs has afforded me many eye-opening, challenging and, ultimately, rewarding experiences.  While the phrase 'baptism of fire' springs to mind, I would like to give thanks to various members of staff, and in particular my predecessor Jeff Fischer, for their continued assistance, guidance and acts of selflessness.  These individuals have made my transition incredibly smooth and has been a heart-warming reminder of the ever-strong culture at Rostrevor College.

My intention this week was to observe as many games as possible throughout the day and what an enjoyable experience this proved to be.  I was fortunate enough to witness some truly remarkable levels of sportsmanship, respect, skill and group cohesions across various sports.  Luke Salini and Anthony Beltrame demonstrated somewhat of a 'coaching masterclass' in leading the Middle A, B & C Basketball Teams to hard fought and very close victories.

Evan Pezos has had quite the week in the hot seat himself, as the 9A Soccer Team had a dominant victory on Saturday, followed by a spectacular 2-1 come from behind victory in extra time, for good measure.  Fingernails may have diminished as spectators nervously looked on as the 8A Football Team withstood a fourth quarter barrage from Mercedes College to emerge victorious by a slight margin.  I was also thoroughly impressed at the skill levels present in the 10A, 9B, 8A and 8B Red Soccer Teams, despite some mixed results across these fixtures. My one regret was missing the 'lifeblood' of football at Rostrevor College, that being the mighty 3rd XVIII due to my own sporting commitments.  I promise to atone on Saturday.

The approaching Inter-Collegiate weekend offers one of the greatest Schoolboy Sporting Rivalries in Australia, dating back 95 years since the conception of Rostrevor College.  As Rostrevor College are hosting this year, I highly encourage all parents, caregivers, siblings, old scholars, friends and keen observers to make your way out to Rostrevor College on both Friday afternoon and Saturday to support this great tradition.  I've little doubt there will be some phenomenal talent on display across various codes, coupled with passion, enthusiasm and determination from all involved.  I certainly look forward to seeing everyone on Friday and Saturday and remember to wear your red and black!

Luke Manuel
Head of Co-Curricular

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