Term 3, Week 6 - Friday 31 August 2018

From the Principal

Senior Student Leaders for 2019

It is with great pleasure that we announce the following leadership appointments for 2019 (see below). As you can imagine, listening to young men speak about their aspirations for leadership in the context of serving others at Rostrevor is most inspiring.

Speaking with this group earlier in the week, I asked them to think about striving for their personal best in their own fields of interest and becoming champions for Palma Merenti even before they take up their formal roles in February next year. I also mentioned how much I am looking forward to getting to know them and how their perspectives and input will help to shape my understanding of the Rostrevor community and where we most need to focus our efforts in the years ahead. On behalf of the Rostrevor community I offer our sincere thanks to the Year 11 boys who nominated for leadership positions and who were not appointed to one of these roles. We look forward to your personal leadership in 2019 and your support for the elected leaders of your cohort.


Father's Day

As a father and grandfather, Father's Day serves to remind me of how blessed I am to be surrounded by a loving family. It is also something of an annual prompt to prioritise time for family in our busy lives, something that appears to be becoming increasingly difficult. As you can see from the gallery, our Father's Day BBQ breakfast was a real hit this morning. Approaching this weekend, I thought you might enjoy the following quotes about fathers that I found via Google.

One of the greatest titles in the world is 'parent', and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mum and dad.
Jim DeMint

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another, he believed in me.
Tim Valverno

Whatever your plans for Father's Day, the mere fact that the occasion brings families together is a good thing in our lives. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy the weekend surrounded by the people you love.

With best wishes for Father's Day and the week ahead.

Brian Schumacher

Junior Years Athletics Carnival 

On Thursday 23rd August, the Junior Years participated in the 2018 Sports Day held on the Memorial Ovals in the Senior Campus. The boys competed with fantastic House spirit, enthusiasm and determination from the House chants at the start of the day through to the relays in the final events.

There were many highlights of tremendous athleticism throughout the course of the day but perhaps the most memorable moment occurred when a group of students watching the Year 3 800m race rallied behind a competitor in the final stretch to encourage him across the finish line. The overall behaviour and Rostrevor spirit on display was wonderful to see and all Junior Years boys are to be congratulated for their conduct.

Congratulations to Gurr House for taking out the 2018 Athletics Carnival and the following year level champions:

Year 3
1st: Archah Parisi
2nd: Casey Mercer
3rd: Oscar Crafter

Year 4
1st: Christian Disciscio
2nd: James Bafile
3rd: Kalan Marzullo

Year 5
1st: Hunter Wigzell
2nd: Xavier Matthews
3rd: Massimo Cerracchio

Year 6
1st: Thomas Griffiths
2nd: Osose Oyugbo
3rd: Oseremen Oyugbo

Tim Baccanello
Junior Years CoCurricular Coordinator 

For complete results forom the weekend, please access the link below:

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