Term 3, Week 9 - Friday 21 September 2018

From the Deputy Principal

Holiday break

The last newsletter for the term will be prepared by our Prefects so I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and restful break and we look forward to what will be a busy Term 4. I remind all parents and students that school will conclude at the usual time of 3.15pm on Friday 28 September 2018. Reports will be available on the Portal from 4.00pm on this day. (READ MORE)

Write of Passage

This year the Write of Passage Program has continued its success with the support of Mr Callisto and Mrs Gehren and of course Allity Aged Care, Walkerville.

This afternoon we were joined by residents of Allity Aged Care for a tour of the campus with their Year 10 partners. You could tell by the expressions on their faces that they were excited to be at Rostrevor chauffeured and guided by very some very proud Rostrevor men.  (READ MORE)

Delicious Diversity

The Social Justice Group hosted yet another very successful Delicious Diversity lunch on Wednesday. This event enables us to recognise our diverse cultures which adds so much richness to the community and allows students to experience some of the cultural delicacies.


Term 4 Events

School will begin at the normal time on Monday 15 October. As we know, Term 4 marks the final phase of our Year 12's journey. I wish them well with their preparation for their final assessments and exams. It will be an extremely busy time and I encourage everyone to keep abreast of the responsibilities and events that need to be attended to.

Two major compulsory events for all students will be Presentation Night on Monday 29 October, commencing at 6.45pm at Influencers Community Church and the Twilight Fair, here in the Valley on Friday 16 November from 4.00-8.00pm. We look forward to your company on both of these significant events. A letter has been emailed to all families regarding Presentation Night; details regarding the Twilight Fair will be communicated in due course.

Personal best & Improvement

A well understood principle regarding the education of boys is that they are often willing to settle for less than their best. It is commonly said that they will do 'as little as you let them and as much as you make them'. Although this is a generalisation, it is an important understanding when trying to create an educational culture which encourages each individual to strive for his best.   (READ MORE)

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal


Co-Curricular News

On Friday 14 September 2018, we had the opportunity as a College to commemorate and celebrate the Winter Co-Curricular Season for 2018. This annual ceremony provides recognition for those students deemed as having given an outstanding contribution to their sporting team as either a player or leader.  Whilst this occasion was incredibly gratifying for the award recipients, I congratulated the involvement of every student throughout the Winter Season.  All students are to be commended in an equally important manner.

Rostrevor College has a notoriously rich and historical sporting culture laden with success, the continuation of which is only made possible by the students who consistently participate in their respective teams. Every student should be immensely proud of their efforts to sacrifice their personal time to engage with the Co-Curricular Program and I'm confident they would have received an abundance of positive outcomes through their association.

Furthermore, it would be remiss of me to ignore the significant impact that all Coaches, Team Managers, Supporters and Volunteers provide in both the team and individual success celebrated on Friday. It's very difficult to put into words the level of appreciation from myself and everyone who supports and encourages sporting programs at Rostrevor College. If there are any friends, parents/caregivers or old-scholars who have a passion for sport and feel they could contribute to maintaining the high standards evident, then please communicate these with me.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the Coaches, Managers, Senior Sporting Captains, Prefects and Musicians who spoke and performed at the assembly. Their ability to capture the attention of the audience and effectively engage listeners was tremendous and certainly added to the atmosphere within Purton Hall. The quality of speeches was remarkable, as were the musical performances on the day. It was yet another noteworthy reminder of the vast variety of talent present within the boundaries of Rostrevor College.


Moving forward, Summer sports are set to commence at the end of Week 1, Term 4, so please be aware of training, fixtures and locations that will be made available in the coming weeks.

If your son, be he a current or past scholar, has made any significant achievement in an activity outside of the College, please pass this on to me via email lmanuel@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or by phone, so that I can include his achievements in the weekly newsletter.

Luke Manuel
Head of Co-Curricular


For complete results from the weekend, please access the link below:

Allity Aged Care Residents visited Rostrevor College today for a good old fashioned 'tour de campus' led by their Year 10 student partners.


Twilight Fair

Trailer Raffle - help us by donating now!  ... It's not a Community event without you and we are always in need of volunteers!  Apart from being the biggest Parents' and Friends' fundraiser of the year, it is also a great day of 'friend raising.'  CLICK HERE for up-to-date information about the 2018 Twilight Fair.

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