Term 3, Week 1 - Friday 26 July 2019

Term 3, Week 1 Update

Welcome back to Term 3
As you can imagine, we have gotten off to a busy start for Term 3 with the commencement of the Semester 2 timetable, Year 11 Retreats and the resumption of winter sports this weekend.

We extend a special welcome to the following boys who commence their journey at Rostrevor this term.  May they quickly feel at home in their new College and find support in many new friends who wear the red and black.

Junior School
Declan Coe
Dante Fantasia
Bailey Patterson

Senior School
Oliver Bishop
Joshua Bradford
Thomas Bradford
Jayden Gale
Tom Laas
Innocent Muchenje
Nash Richman
Jesse Trevor

As many would know, we bid a fond farewell to Ms Jenny Furst (Year 1 Teacher) and Mrs Tania Garrand (ATSI Education Coordinator) who concluded their time at Rostrevor at the end of Term 2.  Both women made a great difference to the lives of many Rostrevor boys over recent years and they will be sadly missed.

This week, Mr Ranaldo and I have enjoyed spending more time in the Junior School as we reimagine the leadership structure and functions that will bring us closer together as an R-12 College.  We have been delighted by the enthusiasm of the boys and the welcome extended by their teachers.  After a few decades of working with secondary students, it is hard to describe the joy to be experienced spending time with our youngest students as they master new concepts and simply enjoy each other's company. Working in closer proximity to the Junior Years teachers is also giving us many more opportunities to observe their considerable expertise as classroom practitioners and to discuss their approaches and ideas for future improvements.

Year 6 Canberra National Capital Tour
Just prior to the end of Term 2, our Year 6 students attended an educational tour of our national capital.  Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia's history, culture, heritage and democracy.  The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education.  The tour was a great success and the students actively participated in all activities provided. 

Special thanks must go to Mr Geoff Aufderheide, Ms Lisa Zollo, Mr Michael Monda and Mr Nicholas Plumb for their exceptional support of the boys throughout the duration of the trip.


1st XVIII Football - Indigenous Round
Congratulations to our Prefects and team members who have worked hard to celebrate the contribution of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys through our annual 'Indigenous Round' played against St Peter's College this Saturday.  We are very grateful that Mr Lochowiak (parent of Anzac, Jacob and Jackson) will Welcome us to Country prior to the game.  We expect it to be a terrific match and we look forward to seeing our lads take the field in their new Indigenous Round Guernsey, the design of which represents the following:

  •  18 circular dot formations to represent each player, their family and where they are from.
  • Each dot formation is connected by a straight line to represent the journey each player took to get to Rostrevor.
  • The centrepiece of the design represents all the journeys coming together as one.
  • 3 yellow boomerangs representing the College's three pillars (Spirituality, Academic and Co-Curricular).
  • 2 hands symbolising helping hands that the students provide by being men for others.

Women featured prominently in the life of Jesus
The fourth week of July, as it turns out, is also a 'big' week in terms of the feast days, commencing on Monday 22 July with the feast of Mary Magdalene, and ending on Friday 26 July with the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne (the parents of Mary).

Mary of Magdala, according to the gospel of Luke, followed Jesus after he exorcised her of 'seven demons' (8:2).  Her devotion to Him gave her the courage to stand under the cross as he died and to stay near the tomb on Easter morning; long after everyone else had left.  While there are many gospel accounts of Jesus breaking with the custom of His day to interact with women, nothing compares to His appearance to Mary Magdalene (before everyone else) on Easter Sunday.  With this in mind, it is worth pondering that the Good News of Jesus' resurrection found its way to the Apostles on the lips of this courageous and devoted woman.

In our 21st Century, secular world we may wonder at the relevance of this event from two millennia ago.  Perhaps, the feast of Mary Magdalene reminds us of Jesus' unrivalled ability to include everyone, especially those not rated or valued as highly as others.  Thus, our little mantra to 'Live Jesus in our hearts - forever' orientates us towards doing the same in our own lives.  May it also help us to become more like Mary of Magdala in our desire to know who God calls us to be.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Brian Schumacher



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