Term 3, Week 6 - Thursday 29 August 2019

Term 3, Week 6 Update

Junior Years and Middle/Senior Years Athletics Carnivals
We were blessed with fine weather last Thursday and Friday for our respective Junior Years and Middle/Senior Years Athletics Carnivals. There were some great individual performances and House Spirit was truly alive at Santos Stadium for the Middle/Senior Years event. Results for 2019 are as follows:

The winning House for the Junior Years competition was Gurr House, followed by Egan, then Murphy in third place.

The Middle and Senior Years Shields were awarded, together with the Br Mogg Shield for the overall winner, presented to Egan House and the House Spirit Trophy, presented to O'Brien House.

Please click on the link below for overall results and trophy winners.


Course Counselling (Year 11 into 12 and Year 10 into 11)
It was wonderful to see so many families at the Subject Counselling Evening last Tuesday. We hope that the guidance offered by counsellors assisted you and your son in selecting appropriate subjects for 2020.

The evening is the culmination of five weeks preparation. We believe that this process is particularly thorough and ensures that students have given thought to post-school options and considered appropriate courses of study for Year 11 and/or Year 12.

Your sons will be notified of their confirmed course for 2020 in mid-November. At this time there will be a small window of opportunity for students to tweak their courses, although we don't expect that there will be too many given our counselling process. This becomes even more difficult next year, when classes may be full. It is worth emphasising once again the importance of selecting appropriate subjects with careful consideration of strengths and weaknesses as well as meeting tertiary requirements.

2020 Prefect Selection
This week we finalised our Prefect positions for 2020. It has been an extensive process to ensure that we select students who are best suited for these very important roles.

Elsewhere in this newsletter you will read the announcement of the 2020 Prefect Group and Year 12 House Vice-Captains. I would like to offer my personal congratulations to these fine young men and wish them every success in their leadership endeavours for 2020. The selection process was rigorous, and families should be justifiably proud of their son's selection to the 2020 Student Leadership Group.

In any process such as this, some miss out. Most who fall into this category will feel hurt, and this is only natural. This can also turn to anger against the College, teachers or peers who are successful. Therefore, it is important that one takes the time to seek feedback and/or support and to reflect on this while being positive and not dwell on the negatives, instead concentrating on improving oneself to prepare for the next opportunity. Students who have missed out on one of the leadership positions will be invited to meet with either me or their Head of House.

The challenge for all students is to seek leadership opportunities offered at Rostrevor; this is not only for those boys who have leadership aspirations but also for those who just want to give it a try. When we met with students to explain the nomination and selection process, we reminded them that while we need student leaders with specific roles, one does not need a badge or a title to be a leader and to serve.


Special Olympics
On Tuesday the College once again hosted the Special Olympics Soccer Carnival where 190 students with an intellectual disability from SA Primary, Secondary and Special Schools participated, supported by 30 of our Year 8-12 students who took on the roles of players, referees, scorers, marshals and announcers.

In addition to the Carnival, we were also pleased to host morning tea for some very special guests, including the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates. Over 50 VIPs were invited by Special Olympics Australia including our South Australian gold medal winners and various dignitaries including the General Manager for Sport - Special Olympics Australia.

The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Mr Abdulla Al Subousi, visited to personally congratulate ten South Australian athletes who brought home gold medals from the Special Olympics World Games held in Abu Dhabi earlier this year.
The day was a celebration of inclusivity and diversity in sport.

New Junior Years Leadership Appointments
Further to our minor restructure of the College Leadership Team last term we are delighted to announce the following appointments for 2020. These important roles were advertised nationally and attracted a strong field of applicants.

We are pleased to announce:

Director Wellbeing (Junior Years):
Mrs Melissa Canil

Religious Education Coordinator:
Mrs Lisa Clark

Both Melissa and Lisa have broad experiences teaching in Catholic schools in South Australia, previous experience in leadership roles and a strong commitment to boys' education. They each have their own family connections to the Rostrevor community and are looking forward to joining our staff in 2020.

Blue Week
Next week, from Monday 2 September to Friday 6 September, the College Prefects will host 'Blue Week' to help raise awareness of men's health, including depression and anxiety. Within the College, our Prefects aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and provide information to students who may be suffering or know someone who is suffering from a mental health condition. The College is proud to be involved in this initiative and will support the College Prefects in co-ordinating events throughout the week. The letter emailed to families earlier this week outlined the schedule of events.

Father's Day
Our College Patron Saint, St Joseph, is recognised as the patron of fathers, family life, patience and purity, workers, carpenters, the troubled and the dying.

From what we know from the gospels, St Joseph faced a few major dilemmas in his life. One of his dilemmas was whether to accept Mary as his wife or to abandon her, after hearing that she was pregnant. Another dilemma was to choose between remaining in Nazareth, his home, or to flee to Egypt in order to protect his family.

We can say that in these times of dilemma, Joseph discerned what was just/good not only for him, but also for Mary and later for the infant Jesus as well. He was a person who listened to, and was aware of, his 'inner calling'. It happened because apart from being a just man, he had other 'grounding' qualities like faith, humility and a caring demeanour. We can all learn from St Joseph's discerning attitude when dealing with our own family dilemmas and issues.

Furthermore, while dealing with these issues, if we discern that what we choose is in line with God's will for us, then we can certainly trust that the outcome will bring joy and peace not only to us but to our whole family as well.

Happy Father's Day to everyone who has ever played the role of 'dad'; whether that be a brother, an uncle, grandpa, great grandpa, cousin, or friend, this weekend is all about you!

School Closure Day

A reminder that a school closure day is scheduled tomorrow  Friday 30 August, which is also an exeat weekend for our boarders. This offers students the opportunity to catch up on assessment work and revision prior to Week 7 of the term, where teachers will be in the process of finalising assessment for the Term 3 report cycle.

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal

Year 11 Formal
Last Saturday evening our Year 11 students attended the 2019 Formal at The Ellington and enjoyed a fabulous evening. We are very proud of the way they presented and conducted themselves; not only were they dressed handsomely and appropriately for the event, but they also exhibited behaviour expected of fine young gentlemen. It was evident from the time of their arrival when they greeted and then introduced their partner to the College Principal that they were exemplary hosts for the young ladies whom they had invited. While we acknowledge that parents and family are the first and most influential teachers of our young men, I'd like to thank Ms Maria De Ieso for once again developing and offering to our Year 11's a presentation on 'Etiquette & Manners'.

It was great to see the dance floor filled as the young men also displayed with enthusiasm their dancing skills that I'm sure they had been working on for some time. Mind you, I didn't always recognise many of their contemporary moves (which had me almost calling for the paramedics) but was heartened to hear the roar of approval and the rush to the dance floor when the 'classics' were played - the Macarena and the Nutbush are always in vogue!

On a night when the Year 11 Vice-Captains ran the show with aplomb, for which they should be congratulated, the College also took the opportunity to announce the 2020 Prefect Body (portfolio positions). There was a sense of excitement as the group of six were presented in the knowledge that this cohort is a matter of weeks away from assuming the title of 'seniors' at Rostrevor College.

As already stated, congratulations to the Vice-Captains for the role they collectively played in ensuring that it was an inclusive event. Additionally, a big thank you to Mr Tom Hodkinson for emceeing and to Mrs Sonja Robinson, Mrs Meegan Roberts and Mr Henry Critchley for bringing together a delightful evening. Gonzalez once sang, "I Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet" ...  something we want for all our students!

Evan Pezos
Director - Wellbeing (Senior Years)



We've entered the annual lull of affairs, present as the changeover between traditional Winter and Summer activities begins. For some, this means afternoons and weekends allow more free time while for others the weekly schedule becomes even more strenuous as students are juggling multiple hobbies and activities outside of school requirements. It's always refreshing to speak to a number of our boys and find out everything they participate in from both a Collegiate perspective and external organisations, whilst certainly keeping many of our families busy as a result!

It is usual at this time of year to begin training for the annual Achilles Cup Athletics Tournament. Unfortunately, due to a less than desirable response both last year and in Term 1 this year, we will not be entering a team for 2019. Organising an Athletics Team, and adequate training sessions can be very difficult especially at the same time as many students have just completed their Winter Co-Curricular activities. It is hoped that we can compete in both the SSSA Athletics Championships in Term 1 and the Achilles Cup in Term 3 of 2020. Our involvement however, will be decided upon by the commitment, cooperation and levels of compromise from our students who wish to participate. The Achilles Cup is a fantastic and well acknowledged event, and hopefully our students will realise how lucky they are to have the opportunity to represent Rostrevor College in future years.

With the conclusion of our Winter activities upon us, we always welcome constructive feedback in relation to many aspects of any programs offered during Terms 2 & 3. We had a slight increase in parent and family involvement which are quintessential in developing and maintaining behavioural and cultural standards that reflect those present at Rostrevor College over the past 10-20 years. 

Moving forward to 2020, I would yearn for even more friends of our community with specific knowledge or passion to become involved, in any capacity possible given their respective personal commitments.

Over the coming weeks, we will celebrate all students, coaches, staff, parents and friends who made the Winter Season of 2019 a mostly positive one. I will do so more formally, but an incredible amount of praise and thanks must be offered to everyone who has either been consistently or sporadically involved. Many activities simply can't run without the generous actions of others, and everything that many of you do for Rostrevor College is greatly appreciated.

In other Co-Curricular News:

  • Ryan Borzillo (Year 8) has been selected in the Under 14 FFSA Squad, due to compete in the National Youth Soccer Championships in Coffs Harbour from 29 September to 5 October. We wish Ryan all the best for this very exciting and rewarding opportunity.
  • Samuel Rahaley and Mackenzie Best (both Year 11) have been selected in the South Australian Under 17 Cricket team. The boys will travel to Mackay, Queensland to compete in the National Championships from 30 September to 10 October; a terrific achievement by both boys, we look forward to hearing of their experiences.

If your son, be he a current or past scholar, has made any significant achievement in an activity outside of the College, please pass this on to me via email to lmanuel@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or by phone, so that I can include his achievements in the weekly newsletter.

For a full list of results from the preceding week's fixtures, please click the link below:

Luke Manuel
Head of Co-Curricular Programs

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