Term 4, Week 3 - Friday 1 November 2019

Term 4, Week 3 Update

RIP Harry Ladd (Graduated 2018)
We were deeply saddened by the news that one of our recent graduates, Harry Ladd, has passed away in New Zealand on 22 October after battling illness in recent months.  I ask that you keep Harry, his family and friends in your prayers in the weeks ahead.  Harry's funeral is being held in New Zealand today.

Thank you for your support of our 2019 Presentation Night
While we went a little over time, we were delighted to be able to showcase the talents, achievements and contribution of so many students in the one evening.  Thank you to the many parents who have provided such positive feedback this week.  While the format will remain similar in 2020, we look forward to making a few changes and variations that will keep it fresh from one year to the next.

As you can see from the summaries below and the gallery, it has been a busy week filled with a rich variety of experiences across all year levels.

Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp
The Year 10 Outdoor Education class faced harsh weather, reptiles and steep hiking trails in a challenging but rewarding camp at Deep Creek last week.  Under the guidance of Mr Coop, the hardy trekkers came away with an appreciation for the wildlife and Indigenous culture of the region and some improved camping and cooking skills.

Year 8 Retreats
The Youth Ministry unit in RE encourages personal faith formation, prayer and being involved in leadership in the College through peer-to-peer ministry.  The Year 11's successfully ran an energetic 'Rostrevor Survivor' retreat for the Year 8 cohort presenting mental, physical and spiritual challenges based on the theme of friendship.

Transition Day
It was great to have our new Year 8 and Year 9 students for 2020 join us for their transition day on Thursday.  While the events of the day provide us with the chance to get to know the boys and a little more about their learning preferences, the main outcome is the building of friendships between the students.  As you can see from this week's gallery, the smiles tell the story of a successful day.  I extend our thanks to all current students who made an extra effort on Thursday to make our newest students feel welcome and important.

Year 11 RAP Program
Keeping your people safe sometimes means confronting them with the stark reality of their mortality.  The Road Accident Program is such a reminder.  Designed to give young people a first-hand encounter with the trauma of road accidents, we hope that it serves as a reminder that road safety is everyone's responsibility.  We hope and pray that this week's presentation was of value to the boys who attended, shaping their approach to keeping themselves safe on our roads.

Year 10 'Write of Passage'
Last night I was deeply moved by the community celebration of the 2019 Memoirs that are a collaboration of ten senior citizens from Allity Care Walkerville and ten of our Year 10 boys who volunteered to be part of the program.  While the project helps the boys extend their writing skills, the friendships they develop with the residents is truly amazing and speaks to the goodness of the boys and their senior partners.  Listening to their stories and reflections last night, I wondered if there has ever been a moment when I have been prouder of a group of students.  Watching how attentive each boy was to his partner, how much they had grown as young men over the last 13 weeks and how committed each had been to 'doing justice' to the story of the resident was simply profound. Year 12 student, Nathan McCarthy once told me that his involvement in the project had changed his life.  Now I understand why. Thank you to Mr Whitefield and Ms De Ieso for leading the program this year, to each of our boys for their sincere and committed efforts and to the staff and residents at Allity Care Walkerville.

All Saints Day and All Souls Day
It has long fascinated me that those whom we recognise as Saints of the Church are often rejected or persecuted by their own societies. In biblical times, that rejection often led to their early death.  Yet, this should not surprise us when we consider that it was the same fate met by Jesus.

So, we might ask, what's the point?  What was so important that it was worth risking rejection by friends and family and even their lives for?  Perhaps, the individual person's experience of God was so immediate and personal, so intense that it overtook and superseded our everyday and limited sense of what is important.  In the Catholic tradition, one of the reasons why we learn about the Saints is because we catch a clearer glimpse of what is available to us as we open ourselves to the influence of God's love in our lives.

All Souls Day provides us with a special day in the calendar to give thanks for the lives and love of family and friends who have passed away.  The following prayer, that we prayed in our Junior School staff meeting this morning, captures the spirit of All Souls Day and connects it to our everyday lives.

Loving God, all life and love begins with you.

We come to you as family, with our lives just as they are.

We bring our joys and hopes, pains and struggles, laughter and tears.

We ask for your healing touch for our families and an openness to your forgiving love.

Be our constant strength as we try to help our children in their journey.

We hope that they will come to know you as their loving God.

And may we, as children, bring to our families a sense of hope and joy.

We ask that we will be a family who cares for each other.

And we pray that our family love will flow outward, spreading your peace and compassion to the whole world.

Finally, thank you to our Year 12 men who have led with distinction in 2019.  You chose the theme, 'The Year of Legacy' as your focus for 2019 and there are many ways in which your individual and collective commitment to Palma Merenti and being Men for Others has left your indelible mark on Rostrevor College.

Thought for the week
The glory of God is men and women fully alive - Saint Irenaeus

Brian Schumacher




Despite seemingly having just commenced our Summer Co-Curricular season for Term 4, this week of fixtures will mark the half-way line for most teams. For many of our Senior Teams it has also signalled the point in which our Year 12's begin to scale back their involvement in Co-Curricular to focus on best preparing themselves for the impending exam period. The commitment and contribution that these boys have made has been particularly commendable, and whilst it is indeed a shame to see them cease their participation, I would like to thank them all the same for the enthusiasm and excitement with which they approached their last few weeks.

In speaking to our soon-to-be Class of 2019, many have commented how the rapidity of this year has surprised them immensely. Some students have re-joined training with sports they haven't been involved with for years, simply with the purpose of enjoying their last moments as a member of the Co-Curricular Program. I'm hopeful also that as the end of 2019 approaches, it serves as a reminder for our remaining students to realise their tenure at Rostrevor College is not everlasting. The reality worth remembering is that the young men who attend this school are more fortunate than a significant percentage of boys their own age from across South Australia.

Looking back at 2019 from a Co-Curricular perspective, our Year 12's have largely left a positive legacy for future graduates to build upon. I've mentioned the word 'culture' countless times this year and am positive I'll continue to do so in the years to come. These gentlemen have definitely implemented beneficial changes to existing culture, with leadership and pride at the forefront of their behaviour. Every school is bound to have some amazing natural leaders, but the quality of a Year 12 cohort is measured by the consistency of all students as they support one another by exhibiting similar characteristics.


 A large majority of these boys have done themselves, their families and Rostrevor College proud.

In closing, we've challenged our remaining students to finish their respective seasons or activities with the same enthusiasm as they began. Support from parents, guardians, families and siblings are crucial to achieve this goal. Co-Curricular activities can require a lot of personal and travel time, but the benefits not only from a physical but from a social and emotional level are boundless. As always, we thank you for your efforts in supporting the vast array of activities available at Rostrevor College.

In Other Co-Curricular News:

  • Henry Brand (Year 8) recently scored 128 in a Club Cricket Match for Tea Tree Gully against Port Adelaide. Henry has been a fantastic contributor to the Co-Curricular Program this year, also playing Basketball and Volleyball. Continually demonstrating fantastic attributes during his involvement. We congratulate Henry on firstly the magnificent batting performance, but also his positive impact on many aspects of the Co-Curricular program at Rostrevor College.
  • Thomas Griffiths (Year 7) Thomas competed for Rostrevor College at the SA All Schools Athletics Championships on Sunday 27th November 2019.  He entered 2 events, being the Under 14 Boys Triple Jump and 200 metres. Thomas achieved PB results in both events Triple Jump 10.66 m to capture a Gold medal. In the 200 metres he ran a time of 24.62 (in his heat); and then 25.20 in the final to claim a Bronze medal. What makes these outstanding results all the more impressive is that All Schools Championships do not have an Under 13 competition, so Thomas entered Under 14 as a younger athlete competing against boys older than him. Thomas has also been an incredibly contributor to the Co-Curricular Program and these results are a much deserved result for his hard work and dedication.

Luke Manuel
Head of Co-Curricular Programs

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