Term 4, Week 7 - Friday 29 November 2019

Term 4, Week 7 Update

With Thanks
In this my last post for 2019, I would like to commence by congratulating the students who have remained thoroughly committed to their studies over the final few weeks of Term 4.  After a busy year and a long summer vacation only a matter of days away, it can be tempting to lose focus and to wind down prematurely.  Speaking with some boys this week as they came and went from examinations, I was thoroughly impressed by their commitment to doing their best in the final assessments of 2019.  It was obvious in their comments that they had been working diligently in preparation and were feeling confident in their ability to demonstrate high levels of mastery of the different subjects.
While our teachers have a couple of busy weeks ahead marking exams, writing reports and preparing for 2020, I would like to publicly thank them and our support staff for their work throughout the year.  As the saying goes, 'It takes a village to raise a child.'  In our case it takes a diverse team of creative, committed and generous people working together, to respond to the needs and aspirations of our 800 young men.
Thank you once again to our many parents, caregivers and friends of the College who provided such generous support in 2019.  Your feedback, encouragement, donations, time and expertise have been integral to the achievements of the boys and the development of Rostrevor this year.  We have been delighted by the steady increase in the number of families seeking enrolment for their sons in the years ahead.  I know from my conversations with them, that the strength of our community is a major influence in their decision to entrust the care and education of their sons to us.

In celebrating the end of the year, we hope that all boys complete 2019 feeling more confident in their abilities, more hopeful in their outlook and more appreciative of their many gifts, including the love they receive from family and friends.  We hope that they look forward to returning in 2020 ready for all that will come their way.


2019 SACE Results
As you can imagine, the students from our Year 12 graduating class are looking forward to receiving their SACE results in the coming weeks and then making their final course selections for 2020.  While this can be an anxious time for some, our experience at Rostrevor is that the vast majority of our boys make a successful transition into their preferred course at local universities and TAFE Colleges or directly into the workforce.  With this in mind, we wish our graduates well and look forward to sharing stories of their success with you in early 2020.

It also gives me great pleasure to congratulate Cameron Taheny who was selected in the AFL draft to join the team at Geelong.  This means that Cameron will join Jacob Kennerley and Ben Jarvis, his Duggan House and Eyre Peninsula mates from 2018.  We wish him well as he makes the transition into his new community at the 'cattery'.


The Nativity - Our God of Surprises
Throughout the Hebrew Scriptures we find that God often chose the most surprising people to be his voice (prophets) to the people of Israel.  In our own time, we hear similar (often young) voices calling us to live more sustainably, more equitably and more attentively to our neighbours.

As we prepare for Christmas in 2019, we remember especially the millions of children and young people who are displaced or suffering in the war-torn regions of the world. We pray that our worldwide reflection on the radically hopeful message of our saviour born into poverty will provide us with new resolve to help build a more just and sustainable world for everyone.

On behalf of our Rostrevor staff, I wish each of you a Merry Christmas. May it be filled with the peace and joy that comes from being surrounded by those you love.

Brian Schumacher 


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