Term 4, Week 8 - Friday 6 December 2019

Term 4, Week 8 Update

College Uniform

Earlier this year, the College undertook a review of the Physical Education and co-curricular uniforms for all sports. Consultation sessions were held with students, parents and staff to decide on a fresh new look for our PE uniform and sports teams.

Of most significance is a softshell jacket and new styled track pants for the PE uniform, providing a modern look and more comfort for the boys, particularly in the winter months.
The range for co-curricular also includes specific training kit, to avoid the need for students to wear their co-curricular uniforms for training.

Through the process of reviewing our uniform, a few minor tweaks were also made to the formal uniform for senior students.

New stocks will be available from the commencement of 2020. There will be a 2-year phase in timeline, to enable families to manage the transition to the new PE uniform and any co-curricular sports uniforms.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents, students and staff who were involved in the consultation process for this refresh of the PE and co-curricular uniforms. We are confident the new styling and colour designs will provide a fresh and vibrant look on the sporting field.


Year 6 Rite of Passage

Our modern western culture has very few significant ceremonies or celebrations that mark a 'Rite of Passage' for a young man. The significance of a 21st birthday has diminished and getting the 'key to the door' or being 'old enough to vote' is barely mentioned. 

At Rostrevor, we will continue to provide 'Rites of Passage' ceremonies and activities. The Year 6 'Rite of Passage' celebration yesterday afternoon was a wonderful example of this. It is our sincere hope that all families will work with us and support these initiatives.

As a school, we will never take the place of parents, however, we do have a significant responsibility in helping these young men "cross the bridge of adolescence safely" (as author, Celia Lashlie, would say).

Year 10 & 11 Liturgies, Course Evaluation Day and Transition Day

Over the past two weeks we have celebrated our Year 10 and 11 Farewell Liturgies. 'Farewell' for two reasons; firstly, to the year's academic classes and secondly, farewell to the young men who have made the courageous decision to leave the comfort of Rostrevor College and commence their adult working lives. We wish them well.

Middle Years Christmas Liturgy

At our end of year liturgy, our Middle Years students were encouraged over the Christmas period to be grateful for friendships, family and relatives and to be open to God's calling as they encounter different experiences in their day to day lives, and the importance of having an open heart in order for this to take place.

The Pope expressed in one of his Christmas homilies, "it isn't just a temporal celebration or the memory of a beautiful (event); Christmas is more ... Christmas is an encounter!" As we progress through the season of Advent, "we go by this road to meet the Lord", the Pope stated, "we walk to meet him", to "encounter him with the heart, with life; encounter him alive, as He is; encounter him with faith."

It has certainly been a very busy year for parents, teachers and students. I can only hope that it has been a productive year for all.

I would like to thank you for your support this year and wish you all a very happy and safe holiday.

May God bless you and give you all a Christmas you can remember with affection.

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal

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