Term 1, Week 6 - Thursday 5 March 2020

Term 1, Week 6 Update

Swimming Carnivals
It was wonderful to see so many parents attend the Middle and Senior Years Carnival at the Aquatic Centre last Thursday and our Junior Years Carnival on Friday.
Results of both Carnivals are published in the co-curricular section of this Newsletter.
Year level medallists will be announced at next week's Principal's Assembly.

Year 10 Retreats
The Year 10 Retreat day facilitated by Mr Ric Sachse and his team is an integral part of the spirituality dimension of the College.

Students focussed on the theme that maturing in our understanding of relationships helps to build deeper relationships both with important people in our lives and with God. Expectations we have of others and realistic images are important for relationships to develop and deepen.

Year 10 Stepping Up Program
Alongside the Retreats, we also hold the Year 10 Stepping Up Program (Father or Male Mentor & Son Day), led by Mr Evan Pezos. This Program was again a great success and we were delighted with the attendance and wonderful feedback received.

The program rationale is based on extensive research in the area of boy's education. We need to acknowledge the challenges facing adolescent boys in education and society in general, the need for male role models in their lives and the importance of having conversations we may otherwise not have.

Thank You
At Rostrevor, we believe that it is important for young people to learn about themselves and others; healthy relationships and behaviours; social and emotional development; spiritual development; resilience, and to see beauty, have awe, and appreciate some sense of 'truths'.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you as parents for your support of our endeavour to provide opportunities for your sons to participate in activities which are based on the learnings listed above, for ensuring that your sons attend such events and that you accompany them when necessary. 

Thought for the Week
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal


2020 What a Carnival
This year's Carnival is one for the memory reels. Barron set the tone early; their energy and passion in cheering from the start was probably the best I have seen in years! There is no doubt they deserved the Spirt Shield in 2020. Well done to 'the braves'.

The competition over the duration of the event was fantastic. In the pool it was fierce, yet beyond it the camaraderie was outstanding. The boys are to be applauded for this; they showed what truly makes Rostrevor unique, competitive in the heat of battle yet united beyond it.

The Invitational once again brought that special occasion moment to fruition. Watching our elite swimmers showcase their talents (which they don't get to do like our other sports) always creates a feeling of excitement. Watching young Tom Braunack chase down Thomas Carson would have been worthy of the Olympics, a great moment. Congratulations to all the boys in that event, you bring something special to it.

Having spoken to a number of parents after the event, I can proudly say that the boys did the red and black proud, impressing with the passion and spirit they are renowned for. It was pleasing to witness these qualities across the board, from the main pool to the novelty events.

The icing on the cake for me (I am biased yet impartial) was to witness the staff win once again in the staff vs student event. Thomas Hill must be congratulated on his excellent preparation in presenting the student team for the event. The boys gave their very best effort.

An event such as this does not come together easily. The effort and passion the PE Faculty brings to this event has such a large bearing on its success.


These staff do whatever is asked of them and make a huge contribution. I am blessed to have these people help me bring this day to life.The Heads of House also make a valuable contribution working with their students to encourage participation. Last, but not least, how could I forget Mr Vlad Baclagian-Raicu, who prepares the data for the event, a large task which he takes on each year with dedication.

Above all, the students are the ones who make the event such a success. It is wonderful to see the effort that they make for both their mates and their House, truly inspirational.

Am I looking forward to 2021? We will wait and see. Some exciting innovations are coming to mind already.

Congratulations to all medallists:

Year 7:
Gold: Max McCormack
Silver: Christian Maher
Bronze: Alexander Corones

Year 8:
Gold: Tom Braunack
Silver: Jack Fillmore
Bronze: Oliver Kerkman

Year 9:
Gold: Elliott Melino
Silver: Zac Guth
Bronze: Finn Wakelin

Year 10:
Marcus Pipicella
Silver: Luke Thoday
Bronze: Beau Baldwin and Hugo Shute

Year 11:
Gold: Thomas Carson
Silver: Harry Myers
Bronze: Tyson Walls

Year 12:
Gold: Samuel Rahaley
Silver: Finn Pogas
Bronze: Elliott Murada

The final team results on the day are listed below:

Well done to everyone involved.

Glen Urbani
Head of Health & PE

The 2020 Junior Years Swimming Carnival held at the College Pool was a fantastic day for all involved. From the outset, House spirit was on full display with plenty of singing and cheering from the grandstands.

Students gave their all during individual races with some excellent personal results. For some students, it was fantastic to see their water confidence develop, being able to swim 25m across the deep end, and for others there were some very fast times swum. Some of our boys will now get an opportunity to represent Rostrevor College at the SAPSASA and Catholic Schools Competitions.

Overall scores were tight for most of the day. In rather uncharted waters, Webb House grew in confidence as they flirted near the top of the leaderboard and were eventually crowned as this year's popular Swimming Carnival House Champions. All students left feeling like winners, particularly the Year 6 House Captains who took bragging rights in the staff vs student relay.

Congratulations to all Age Champion award winners on some wonderful personal achievements.

Thanks must go to all parents and staff for their support and assistance on the day.

House Champion Results:

1st Webb; 2nd Gurr; 3rd Egan; 4th Barron; 5th Murphy; 6th O'Brien.

Brian James Meaney Memorial Cup for Most Outstanding Swimmers: Finn McNamara and Lucas Forrester

Invitational Shield: Finn McNamara

Age Champion Results:

Year 3:
Henry Askem
Silver: Hugh Benzan
Bronze: Luca Ricci and Matthew Ferreira

Year 4:
Dan McGuire-Coward
Silver: Jordan Becker
Bronze: Harry Guan

Year 5:
Lucas Forrester
Silver: Miles Fotheringham
Bronze: Archah Parisi

Year 6:
Finn McNamara and James Hosking
Silver: Daniel Boulden

Tim Baccanello
Junior Years Co-Curricular Coordinator

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