Term 1, Week 8 - Friday 20 March 2020

Term 1, Week 8 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
It has certainly been a tumultuous week as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the service and retail industries, on our own community and the panic and confusion caused by having access to so many sources of information (and misinformation) via the media and social media.

I would like to assure families that Rostrevor College is in a very good position to respond to any potential threat. We have developed plans for managing and boosting hygiene practices, reducing student exposure to larger groups, and responding to a confirmed case, should there be one, with short-term closure as well as longer term closure if required to do so. Our plans are based on advice and information received from SA Health, the Government, Catholic Education SA and EREA.

In the event of short-term school closure due to a confirmed case, students will continue to have access to SEQTA Learn and their teachers online to ensure that learning continues, feedback is available and assessment deadlines are met. This also applies to an extended closure if necessary. We are working to ensure that all students have access to flexible learning options, including a range of online resources. Consequently, there will be continuity of learning and assessment to meet the learning requirements of each subject. For additional details of our Learning Contingency Plan, please click here.

There is no doubt that the communication age means that awareness is more contagious than the virus. This should be a good thing but isn't always, as it will depend on the particular report and on one's own perspective. What is most important is that we keep calm and remember, children look to us for guidance on how to react to stressful events. If we seem overly worried, childrens' anxiety may rise. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking with them about their fears, and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of infection can help reduce anxiety.

Please refer to Brian's Parent Update which will be emailed this afternoon.

SEQTA Learn & Engage
Our students have been using SEQTA Learn since the commencement of this term and all parents/caregivers were sent an email last week inviting them to SEQTA Engage. Whilst we are still in the learning phase of this wonderful new tool that allows everyone to view upcoming assessment and unit overviews, teachers are adding further resources as the year progresses. Students have readily embraced the new learning system and are seeing the advantages of being able to plan their time to meet deadlines and have a clear understanding of how they will be assessed. 

As with all new initiatives, we are yet to see the full benefits of this new learning management system, but pleased with the teachers' readiness to implement new learning tools and the boys embracing the opportunity to be active participants in the learning process.

St Joseph's Day
Yesterday was the feast day of St Joseph, the patron saint of the College, and our Chapel is named in his honour.

Joseph was an ordinary human being like each of us. He was a man of great devotion and love for Mary and spent endless time with Jesus as he was growing up. We can picture him listening to Jesus, answering the typical questions any child asks, with patience, and no doubt, a sense of humour. He disciplined Jesus but at the same time established a relationship of simple trust and gentleness.

Joseph's most striking quality was his openness to God's call in his life. He said "Yes" to God, even though he must have had real doubt and fears about why his wife to be, Mary, was pregnant. He must have wondered what his role in the great mystery was going to be. As we know, Joseph was a man of faith who dedicated himself to Mary and Jesus despite what others might say or think.

Joseph was the ideal husband and father. Today God's Holy Family is the church; the reason why St Joseph is invoked as patron of the universal church.

St Joseph has an important message for all our students. Through the example and prayers of St Joseph, may our young men have the patience, courage, commitment, wisdom and strength at some stage in their lives to be ideal caregivers and providers for their families, both natural and spiritual.

'Unplugged Workshop' for Parents
Given Government advice regarding non-compulsory events, we have decided to reschedule the Unplugged Workshop planned for Wednesday 1 April. The new date and time will be advertised in the newsletter in due course.

Easter Raffle
Tickets for the Parents' & Friends' Easter Raffle are being sold to students during Pastoral Care for 50 cents each over the coming weeks, with prize winners being announced in the final week of this term.

Archbishop Announcment
Late yesterday Pope Francis appointed Bishop Patrick O'Regan, currently Bishop of the Diocese of Sale in Victoria, as the 12th Archbishop of Adelaide. Click here to read the media release.

NAPLAN 2020 (Years 3, 5, 7 & 9)
Earlier today, we received communication to advise that the Commonwealth and State Education Ministers have taken the decision to cancel this year's NAPLAN testing.

NAPLAN testing will resume in 2021.

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal

Students on SEQTA

"It is easy to navigate and submit everything in one location"

"You can see what teachers have set you and what they have coming up"

"We are starting to use it a bit more and we can access resources teacher have put online" 

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Enrolment of siblings

As a reminder to our parent community, if you would like to enrol a sibling of a current student please contact our Enrolments Officer on enrolments@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or phone
(08) 8364 8244.  Specifically, if you are seeking a 2021 enrolment of a sibling, applications should be being completed and submitted now.  Further information can be found on the College website 'Enrolling at Rostrevor'.

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