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NPA Nutrition Hints During Covid Isolation

The isolation restrictions necessary during the past few weeks poses an increased risk of malnutrition for elderlt residents in aged care homes. NPA has published a series of hints for managing the nutrition risks during isolation. Click the links below to read more.

Hint No. 1 Action needed now

Hint No. 2 Use a validated malnutrition screening tool

Hint No. 3 Weigh more regularly

Hint No. 4 Mealtime assistance

Hint No. 5 Fortify food

Hint No. 6 Protein at every meal

Hint No. 7 Encourage snacks

Hint No. 8 Monitor texture modified meals

Hint No. 9 Electronic consulting

Hint No. 10 Find reliable information

Hint No. 11 Maintain Mealtime Connections

Hint No. 12 Online training


Improving Nutrition Webinars

What is the true cost of poor nutrition in aged care? Saff need access to up to date information and tools to manage nutrition care and to provide the correct meals to residents.

Our popular 2 day program will change this year! We are planning a series of 10 interactive Webinars via Zoom that you are able to access anywhere- at home, at work, on your desktop, tablet or phone. We are looking forward to meeting you again this year- online!

Have a look at our new program here.

We also have a new method of registering. Hope you like it!

Meal Plans for Older People

Our Meal Plans Manual is a benchtop guide to nutrition care and therapeutic or special diets when catering for older people.

It provides a summary of nutrition for an older person, information regarding menu planning as well as a meal plan for each of the various special diets that are likely to be encountered. 

Many of these special diets eg diabetic and texture modified diets are routinely provided from the main menu, but others will need to be catered for on an individual basis.

The meal plans provide a simple and practical guide that can be readily referred to at the time of serving meals.

Also included in this manual is information regarding standard serve sizes and a standard menu structure to ensure that residents are provided with ample opportunities to choose foods from each of the core food groups and to ensure that the organisation meets Best Practice and/ or Accreditation Guidelines.

Order your copy here.

Online Resources

NPA has also developed a set of resources and information for aged care homes or any organisation that provides services to older people. The resources describe the key nutrition issues faced by nursing, care, communuity and food services staff.

They include practical information on a range of nutrition topics eg the latest information on texture modified diets and IDDSI, diabetes management, management of weight loss etc. There are also examples of a range of common forms that may be used by an organisation to document menus and nutrition care. 

Access our resources here.