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NABS Celebrates 10 Years of Service

NABS Highlights

Messages from the Contact Centre

2015 pay dates
You can now view interpreter pay dates for Jan 2015 through to June 2015 HERE

"Thank you so much for your prompt securing of the bookings. Excellent service!" -  Deaf client 


"I would like to say a huge thank you all the staff at NABS for the hard work and ensure we get the best support with appointments for myself and my son throughout the year! I'm really grateful having you guys here to help out whenever I need an interpreter! Thank you heaps. " -  Deaf client


"Thank you so much for a wonderful NABS service for the past 5 years and it is one of the best ever I worked with."-  Deaf client


"Fantastic service, easy to use. I wish all interpreting services were as easy, quick and efficient as NABS. Well done!" -  Deaf client


"Interpreters are always helpful and friendly to me. They listen and focus!!" -  Deaf client


"Cannot stress the wonderful services NABS. If only the Deaf community would take advantage." -  Deaf client


"I am always 100% happy with NABS - could not even fault NABS with anything. NABS is best ever for the whole Deaf Community" -  Deaf client


"It's my first time I have used NABS - it's fabulous. Keep service going" -  Deaf client


"Thank you for NABS App - make easy to contact :-)" -  Deaf client


"I am very happy with NABS and interpreter as well" -  Deaf client


"Quick service, fast, organised and fantastic communication" -  Deaf client


"Easy use on mobile with smartphone and very helpful and can do booking anywhere" -  Deaf client










Welcome to the Autumn 2015 edition of the NABS Interpreter e-newsletter.

This edition is a celebration of NABS 10th Year. We hope you enjoy the stories about how NABS has evolved and how the service has changed the lives of Deaf or hard of hearing people.

This year, we will continue to keep you informed online via our e-updates and e-newsletters. You can also follow NABS news and events via our Facebook page or online Blog.

If there is a story you would like to share or something you would like to see more of in our e-updates or newsletters, please let us know at

The Team @ NABS

Happy Easter!

NABS would like to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Easter break!

Please see below for NABS opening times over the Easter period:

Good Friday Closed
Easter Saturday 8am-1pm
Easter Sunday Closed
Easter Monday Closed
Tuesday, 7 April Normal Operating Hours


NABS Celebrates 10 Years of Service
Keri Gilbert reflects on ten years with NABS
I started work with NABS in October 2004. NABS was actually launched in January 2005.   We had approximately three months to get it up and running after Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) won the tender to auspice NABS.  Read More
Ali Dowl shares her story on helping Deaf people in Tasmania
I initially started work for NABS as a casual Interpreter in Melbourne, before taking on a full-time role in Tasmania at the end of 2008. The thing that drew me to the role was the chance to return to my home state, Tasmania, and interpret for the Deaf community here. As a smaller community and Island, there is a diverse range of interpreting opportunities here. Read More
Merie Spring on NABS providing a quality service to the Deaf community
I was employed before NABS was up and running. I was asked to start developing the interpreter database as I had interpreter contacts around Australia due to my involvement with ASLIA, NAATI, Manager of the Queensland Deaf Society's (QDS) state-wide interpreting service. It was about the time I resigned from QDS that I was approached to join the fledgling NABS team - I was at the meeting when the corporate colours were chosen :) Read More
LIz Temple tells her story of interpreting in the Northern Territory
I started work for NABS as a freelance Interpreter. In 2009, I joined NABS as a professional  Interpreter to improve the resources available to the Deaf community in the Northern Territory. Read More
Share your story
Do you have a story about interpreting for NABS that you would like to share? We would love to hear your stories about changing the lives of Deaf people. Please send your story to or complete our Share a Story Form online.
NABS Highlights
NABS looks back on all it has achieved over the past ten years. Some of NABS highlights includes the recognition for its achievement in public service and in the translating and interpreting industry, launching NABS and GoTerp Apps, the development and launch of NAATI approved Diploma of Interpreting for people living in regional and remote areas of Australia. Click here  to see the full list of NABS highlights and achievements.
Messages from the Contact Centre
NABS Booking App

NABS wants you to know the issue with the NABS Booking App not loading minutes e.g. 1:15, 8:30, 3:15 has been fixed.

If you are still having problems, you may need to download the latest version.


Apple Users

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to your App Store App
2. Click on Updates tab in the bottom right of the screen
3. Find the NABS App and click the Update button

For Android
1. Click on the Play Store App
2. Click on the top left button (looks like 3 lines), it will show a menu,
3. Click on My Apps
4. Find the NABS App
5. Click on Update

Admin Reminders

NAATI Revalidation

When you receive your NAATI Revalidation letters, please ensure you forward them on to or let us know of the change, so we can update your details.

Interpreter Photos

Please check your details are correct on the Interpreter photo gallery on the NABS website.  If your image doesn't currently appear online but you would like it to, please email a suitable portrait shot to Interpreters are not obliged to have their photo included online.

Job Book Requests

When you are down to your last 10 pages of your Job Book, email NABS at This will allow ample time to mail a new book for upcoming appointments.


Please ensure that you check your email junk mail folders regularly. From time-to-time, Wesley Mission will send important emails relating to your employment, and these may end up in your junk mail folder.


A reminder that when responding to an SMS, please keep it simple by sending us 'Accept' or 'Decline'. Please don't forward the availability SMS back to us as it makes it harder to scan the inbound SMS screen. A simple "Accept/yes/can do XXXX" or "Decline/no/not available XXXX" suffices

If you send an SMS relating to a particular job, please remember to include the 6 or 4 digit job number.


If you incur parking or toll expenses for NICSS jobs, remember to advise NICSS via sms/phone call the same day as the booking in order to get paid.


Attending Appointments

Below are some simple reminders regarding your attendance at bookings.  We would also suggest taking a moment to read over your Conditions of Engagement to refresh your memory on what's required as a member of the NABS Team.

During appointments

  • Please ensure you arrive ten minutes early to an appointment. If you are going to be late for any reason, call NABS and advise.
  • If your client does not arrive after 10 minutes, please call and advise NABS staff so we can follow up with the client.

After appointments

  • Job sheets are to be submitted on a weekly basis. Please refer to NABS Conditions of Engagement for Interpreters: "NABS Interpreters must complete and post all job sheets at the end of every week".  Interpreters with outstanding job sheets (4 weeks or older) may find they can't be booked until those job sheets are submitted.
  • Interpreter Feedback NABS is always looking to improve our service to both our clients and employees. We encourage you to complete our online feedback form
We value your feedback. All feedback helps NABS improve our services. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please take a moment to complete our online Feedback Form.