2019 Footbike Racing Calendar

Good Morning.

The Australian Footbike Association Inc (AFA), have announced their 2019 Racing calendar.  It would be great to get as many Footbikers there as possible. Remember you need to be a Member of the AFA to race, but there will be novice racing available for non-members over the shorter individual time-trial distances.

Registered AFA members also earn points towards their Australian ranking, and all these events gain points, so that's a great reason to register as a member.

The times indicated on the calendar are the start time of the first race, so please be there at least an hour beforehand to make sure that your registration is correct, that you attend the race briefing (a requirement) and you have plenty of time to warm up.

Keep an eye on the events and rules tabs of footbike.com.au to make sure you understand the rules, and you can find out any other information that you may require.

There is also a membership application form in the membership area, and there will be an event registration form for each race day online as well.  So get training now, and we look forward to seeing you at the next event.

2019 Footbike Race Calendar

7th April
1:00pm  VIC Race Day  Belmont Island Criterium, Geelong VIC
400m time trial, 10km Criterium

14th April
7:00am  QLD Race day  Albert Bishop Park, Hedley Ave Nundah QLD 
1200m time trial, 10.8km Criterium

28th April
1:00pm  NSW Race day  Waratah Park, Sutherland, NSW 
1km time triaL, 10km Criterium

26th May
2:00pm  VIC State Championships  Belmont Island Criterium, Geelong VIC 
400m time trial,  10km Criterium

30th June
1:00pm  NSW State Championships  Waratah Park,  Sutherland, NSW 
1km time trial, 10km Criterium

20th July
1:00pm  QLD State Championships  Albert Bishop Park, Hedley Ave Nundah QLD 
1200m time trial, 10.8km Criterium

24th & 25th Aug
10:00am  National Championships  Stromlo Criterium Track, Canberra, ACT 
Saturday 1200m time trial, 10km Criterium
Sunday 42km Endurance

July 2020  Footbike World Championships  Estonia  Distances tbc, but expecting a sprint, team relay, criterium and endurance

Anyway, entry forms should be loaded on www.footbike.com.au by thursday next week. In the meantime get training and have an awesome month, See you racing soon. 

Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association
Ph 0407 699884