Kickbike Gift Certs - Poem - and clearance special - plus more

Kickbike Gift Certificates

It's hard to buy someone part of a Kickbike, whether it's a present for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, Anniversary or even just that "proud of you for getting active again" moment. We have therefore introduced Gift Certificates.
These Certificates don't expire, are fully transferrable (recipient should advise us if transferring their Certificate). Also any remaining balance can be carried forward to your next purchase, and multiple certificates can be used for one purchase. A gift certificate can be used for any product available in the Kickbike Australia shop, except when products or Kickbikes are sold on behalf.  The shop default setting is that they are non-refundable, but we will even allow a refund to the original buyer of the certificate, on application to Kickbike Australia, and deduction of an admin fee of $10.
This now means you don't have to work out what model they want, or what colour.  You can now let them decide. Just go to our Kickbike shop, or select Gift Cards under the Kickbikes drop down menu. 

Hire a Kickbike through ScooterBike Adventures.

ScooterBike Adventures is a hire company that offers "ScooterBike" hires in the Manly Bayside area of Brisbane. Danny Hovey from ScooterBike Adventures has acknowledged Kickbikes quality by agreeing to exclusively purchase Kickbikes for his ScooterBike hire operation. Kickbike therefore supports ScooterBike Adventures, so if you are looking for a fun activity to take the family on, then talk to Danny.  Ph 0419 178208.  Danny is also a fellow Footbike Racing competitor, and he races on a Kickbike Race 28.

Hire business opportunity

Danny has set up his Hire Business system so that it can be duplicated, and he is looking for independent owners to join him in promoting ScooterBike Hire/Adventures, by setting up hire operations around the country.  Initially he is looking for interest in Brisbane, or Sunshine or Gold Coast, but if you are very keen, then again, talk to Danny. 

Kickbike upgrade

David from Ballarat currently owns a Kickbike Race 28.  He has used his for Footbike race training over the last 3 years, but as he is now specialising in the sprints, he wants to race on a Race 20 instead.  He wants to know if anyone who owns a Race 20, would like to upgrade to a Race 28 by doing a straight swap with him. Contact David on Ph 0468 433 503.

Footbike Racing

The Australian Footbike Association (AFA) is holding the Footbike National Championships in Canberra on 23rd to 24th August. Remember that to compete at the Nationals, you must have competed at one of their State Championship events in Victoria, NSW or Queensland being held over  the next 2 months. Check out the Calendar of Events at

2020 Footbike World Championship

Have been confirmed in Estonia in July 2020. Once dates in July are confirmed, we will let everyone know.

Kickbike Clearance special

Kickbike Worldwide have decided to discontinue one of the Cross models, as they had too many model options to choose from. We have just 3 of the Cross Max 20D+ left in Silver and they have been discounted by over $100. See the specials page in our online shop for details.   First in best dressed.

Kickbike Poem by Andy Jackson.

              Just for kicks

Scooting along with the wind in my face,
one with nature, at an admirable pace.
A simple motion of health, fun and fitness,
as my body gets stronger, it's amazing to witness.
Many people ask, what's that you're riding?
a Kickbike l shout, as l go past gliding.
Sometimes l stop to share, by offering them a go,
a unique experience as they start off slow.
They pick up the action and speed up the beat,
by pumping along using both feet.
The action of kicking, is a great work out from the start,
your muscles grow stronger, which includes your heart.
It's really that easy, and makes a great hobby,
a natural sensation that works out your body,
The feeling of freedom is so hard to beat,
you may have noticed, it's missing a seat.
Nothing to go wrong, bar a flat tyre,
a partner for life, if it's health you desire.
Where do you get it and how much do you pay?
Phone Bruce at Kickbike Australia and try one today.

  Author: Andy Jackson

Thanks Andy for surprising me with this.

Have an awesome month and Happy Kicking.
Bruce Cook
Kickbike Australia
Ph 0407 699884