Footbike racing postponed till further notice. AFA update

Hi all you crazy Footbike Fanatics

I don't need to remind everyone about the unprecedented circumstances that are occurring around the world at the moment, so this newsletter is letting you know how the Australian Footbike Association is handling it.

State Champs and Nationals

The majority of our competitors are in the Vet and Super vet category, and therefore classed as the most susceptible to complications of contracting Covid-19.  We have therefore made the decision to suspend the following race events, until further notice.
These events are the NSW State Champs, VIC State Champs and the National Champs. We did manage to run the QLD state champs last weekend, but have decided not to allocate any ranking points until such time as the other state events have been completed. We felt this was the fairest way to do things.
People who have already registered for these events, will have their payments refunded through paypal, or direct to their account if necessary.  This was easier than holding credits indefinitely, and makes sure that everyone has all their funds in their possession.

World Champs in Estonia

A week ago, the organising committee of the 2020 World Champs advised us that they were still hoping to run this event in July.  They believe that the drop in figures out of China is very optimistic, and if all countries follow suit over the next month, then it may be all clear by July. After all, the Olympic committee are also doing the same thing.

However, there have been a number of countries including Australia, that have imposed far more drastic restrictions since they last met, so it will be interesting to see how this affects their decision.  In any case they have decided that they will make a definite GO or NOGO decision by the end of April.

As it stands at the moment, and as a result of the postponement of these events, the selection of the World Champs team to represent Australia, can only be based on results up to and including the race days from last year.  This means that team selection will have to be weighted in favour of committee selection, instead of solely on the current ranking tables as per the current rules. 

AFA future

This downtime gives the committee the opportunity to review a lot of the back end stuff to do with running and growing the membership. We will shortly be sending out some questions to help us better develop support and activities in the future.    Answering these questions will help us make sure that the AFA is ready and willing to hit the ground kicking when things get back to normal.  In the meantime please think about how the AFA can make your Footbiking experiences better, so that when the questions come out, you are better positioned to answer them.

So our wish for everyone is to stay healthy and safe, and wash your hands.  We will be in touch again with questions and updates as we get through this situation.

Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association Inc
ph 0407 699884