Footbike WC2020 update and membership questionnaire

Hi all you crazy Footbike Fanatics, here is the news from the Footbike World.

World Championships Estonia 2020

The World Championships planned for Estonia in July this year, have been postponed till 2021.  At this stage the actual dates have not been confirmed, but it is most likely to be around the same time of the year.

This was not unexpected, in view of overseas travel restrictions in place around the Covid-19 virus, so it now gives those that were unable to attend this year, a further 12 months to save, and train, and race their way to Estonia. 

Footbike Racing update.

We will continue to review our calendar of events, as each state relaxes their current distancing restrictions. We will continue to keep everyone up to date.

Australian Footbike Association review.

Last month I positioned that the AFA was reviewing its operation with the view to increasing its membership. Here is a copy of the questionnaire, and we would like your feedback even if you are not currently a member.
Can you copy the questions, and email them, together with your answers, to us at

Australian Footbike Association - Membership Questionnaire
Valued AFA Member, We need your help!
Recently the Australian Footbike Association Committee, (AFAC), resolved to make increasing membership numbers a standing agenda item at AFAC meetings. The AFAC considers the growth of membership and race participation to be one of the most significant strategic initiatives.
A demographic analysis of membership data has been undertaken which has informed the committee to a certain extent.  To progress this important objective, we need your help. Would you please take a few minutes to consider the questions below and provide your response? The data and ideas will be aggregated and analysed by the AFAC to identify common and useful themes.  Individual responses will not be identified without your permission.
Please return your survey via reply to the email address attached to this document by 28/04/2020
Thank you
John Jardine (President), on behalf of AFAC

Survey Questions (Please keep responses short and to the point)
1) How did you first get exposure to/find out about Footbiking?

2) Why did you decide to start Footbiking?

3) How did you find out about Footbike racing?

4) Why did you decide to join the AFA and race?

5) If you were responsible for increasing membership of the AFA, given the limited resources of the AFA, what is the one most significant action you would take that you consider practical and implementable?
       Other Comments:

Thank you, and your responses will help us immensely.  Keep kicking

Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association Inc
ph 0407 699884