Footbike Racing Calendar and new Race systems

AFA Return to Racing update

Hi all. I hope that you have all managed to get through the first part of this year, and you have managed to keep healthy.  Our thoughts are with you, if you or your family have been negatively affected by the Covid virus, whether by health, financial or mental pressure.

We also understand that people's health and fitness schedules have been thrown into array, as was our Footbike racing schedule, but we are now looking to get things underway again. We have not been quiet though, the AFA committee have made the most of the time out, to really look at the way we run the AFA's events, and how to grow bigger than we were.

One of the biggest lessons we learnt was that the growth of the AFA was being limited by me, as racing events were only being scheduled around my ability to travel for timing purposes.  The current travel limitations between states mean that racing around the country is still hamstrung, unless we change things.

I know that recording your timing is important to you individually, so that you can compare your progress, and it also helps others looking into the sport to gauge how they might go.   Your timing however does not change the results from an AFA perspective, or for the calculation of any points system.  As long as we have the finishing order of competitors, then the AFA can still provide the results, and update our points system. All we need is for a volunteer to track and report back everyone's finish order, and to help participants record their timings for them. This can be done using their mobile phone for timing purposes.

Currently we have only managed one race Day in each state, plus one state Champs and the Nationals in a calendar year, that's not really an attractive racing schedule going forward.  What we propose is for each state to organise their own race day events.  We would love to initially see at least 3 race days in each state, plus state and national champs. This then gives us the ability to grow a lot bigger, and become more attractive for newcomers, as well as giving you all more chances to get racing experience.

To achieve this, we would need a couple of people in each state to step up and to work together with others to put on their state events.  The AFA will help with system information and current contact details for venue bookings, and well as national advertising to try and attract inter-state competitors once restrictions are eased.   

Each state can then start to develop a full competition season, made up of their own local events in addition to the AFA recognised events. 

Our plan now is to get the first State race days booked for August, and your next 2 race days would be in September and May of next year.  State Champs in Oct/Nov and then Nationals in Feb/March next year.  2021 is now a World Championships year, with the 2020 World Champs being postponed till 15-18th July 2021.

We will also shortly be announcing some rule changes plus also changes to the points system, that will work in line with these changes. 

COVIDsafe principles

Obviously in the short term, we will need to adhere to some basic "new normal" principles:

  • Social/physical distancing requirements currently 1.5 metres
  • Spectator and Supporter name recording for Covid tracking purposes
  • General Hygiene frequent cleaning of hands before, and during the event.
  • We encourage you all to download and activate the COVID Safe phone app.
  • Stay at home if you are sick, and, go home if you become unwell.  Also advise us if you become unwell after a race day activity.

So, get together by phone with us, and find out what is required. Your help will be appreciated by all.

Race Calendar.

With all this in mind, we have started to put together some dates for state racing under the new format, however have only heard back from QLD so far, plus Vic Race 2 was booked pre Covid, and not cancelled so we should be OK with that.  I hope to have NSW and VIC dates confirmed next week. 

The following dates are either confirmed or waiting confirmation, as indicated, although are still subject to Covid cancellations if states decide to do so.

August 9th Sunday - QLD Race Day 1 confirmed - 8am till 11am 1.2km and 10km Racing starts at 8.30am Albert Bishop Park Nundah

August 15th  Saturday VIC Race day 1 tentative - 2pm till 4pm 400m and 10km Racing starts 2.30pm Belmont Criterium circuit Geelong

August 23rd  Sunday NSW race Day 1 tentative - 11am till 1.30pm  1.2km and 10km Racing starts 11.30am Waratah Park Criterium circuit Sutherland

Sept 5th Saturday VIC Race day 2 Confirmed - 8am till 11am 1.2km and 10km Racing starts at 8.30am Belmont Criterium circuit Geelong

Sept 6th  Sunday QLD Race day 2 confirmed - 2pm till 4pm 400m and 10km Racing starts 2.30pm 30am Albert Bishop Park Nundah

Sept 27th Sunday NSW race Day 2 tentative- 11am till 1.30pm  1.2km and 10km Racing starts 11.30am Waratah Park Criterium circuit Sutherland

October 10th Sunday QLD state Champs confirmed - 10am till 1pm 1.2km and 10km Racing starts at 10.30am 30am Albert Bishop Park Nundah

October 24th Saturday VIC State Champs tentative- 2pm till 4pm 400m and 10km Racing starts 2.30pm Belmont Criterium circuit Geelong

November 8th Sunday NSW State Champs tentative- 11am till 1.30pm  1.2km and 10km Racing starts 11.30am Waratah Park Criterium circuit Sutherland

February 20th 21st 2021 - National Champs Dates and Venue are tentative

May 8-9th 15-16th and 23-24th Race day number 3 in each state, dates and venues are to be confirmed.

World Championship new dates

World Championships The new dates for the 2020 Footbike World Champs are the 15/18th July 2021.  They were postponed 12 months due to Covid-19.  They will still be held in the town of Polva in Estonia, about 240km south east of the capital of Tallinn. Of course this is still subject to travel restrictions and travel advice being eased by then.
So, confirmed or tentative, lets get these dates loaded into your calendar, and start training.  Also start thinking about how you can help run these racing days. I am available to answer any questions that may help.

Our next update will also have some information on Riders insurance.

Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association Inc
ph 0407 699884