AFA racing - New point series and rules - Riders Insurance

AFA update September 2020

Good morning all. We have a couple of things to update you with. 

Introducing the "NEW" AFA Race Series, National Team Selection and Australian Ranking system.
Thank you to those that responded to the recent Members survey. The committee found the information gathered, in conjunction with ideas from previous committees, very useful in making decisions on the future direction of our sport.
The committee's aim is for a strong domestic racing competition, that encourages frequent racing, experience in multiple types of events and provides the pressure to peak for specific high stakes events. To do this some changes were required.

You are now invited to visit the revamped AFA website and to review the information in the sections, AFA Charter, Race Series and National Selection and Race Rules (for new information on drafting rules).
We trust that the new changes will build on the strong foundations of the past and improve the standard of Australian Footbikers and ensure that Australian competitors can compete to their maximum potential at Domestic and International events.
Check out

2020/2021 Membership If you haven't already done this, then please renew Your Membership for 2020/2021 financial year at 

NSW racing.  We continue to monitor the NSW Health officers recommendations, and as a result, all NSW racing is suspended until further notice.

VIC racing.  We continue to monitor the VIC Health officers recommendations, and as a result, all VIC racing remains suspended until further notice.

QLD race Day.  Race day #2 is still scheduled for Fathers Day, the 6th Sept, but is subject to changes in recommendations from QLD health. The race briefing will be at 8.10am with the first race starting at 8.30am.  We should be finished by 11am, so all your Fathers Day celebrating can be done from lunch onwards. Be at Albert Bishop Park in Nundah, from 7.30am, so that you have plenty of time to warm up.
Please register early, so that we have numbers and can plan our day. See  to register, and also make sure that your membership is up to date.

COVIDsafe principles
Obviously in the short term, we will need to adhere to some basic "new normal" principles:
Social/physical distancing requirements currently 1.5 metres
Spectator and Supporter name recording for Covid tracking purposes
General Hygiene frequent cleaning of hands before, and during the event.
We encourage you all to download and activate the COVID Safe phone app.
Stay at home if you are sick, and, go home if you become unwell.  Also advise us if you become unwell after a race day activity.

Riders Insurance We have been asked a number of times about riders Insurance.  The Public Liability policy that the AFA has, only covers the AFA for public Liability and Asset insurance. If you would like the peace of mind of having Riders insurance, then you need to look for your own cover. 
The best option for bike riders at the moment is by signing up as a member of a Bicycle Advocacy network and accessing their membership included insurance cover. We have 2 advocacy groups that have confirmed that their Riders cover is available to AFA members while on their Footbikes.  They are Bicycling Queensland, or Bicycle Network. 
Both these entities provide Personal Rider Insurance as part of their membership fee, and both have advised the AFA that they will cover Footbike riders, with the same policy and conditions as bike riders.
Bicycle QLD -  "Thank you for your call this afternoon. I can confirm that Bicycle Queensland (BQ) members who ride Kickbikes/Footbikes and are involved in an accident while riding these are covered by the insurance that comes with their membership.
BQ members are covered for personal accidents worldwide and public liability within Australia. There are no requirements for members to live within Queensland. We have members who reside outside of Queensland and overseas.
Our insurance is the most competitive among other cycling advocacy groups within Australia. For more details please refer to our Summary of Insurance.
Our current membership options are available on our website."
Bicycle Network -  "Thanks for chatting on the phone earlier.
I spoke to our membership manager and he said that footbikes can be covered under our insurance.
If you would like any information please feel free to get in touch. Otherwise there is plenty of information on the website -" 


Bruce Cook
Australian Footbike Association Inc
ph 0407 699884