Volunteers Needed Bunnings BBQ

Bunnings BBQ - Volunteers required

The AFA have been offered a Bunnings BBQ at Stafford on Sunday 11th October, which will be under the new Covid rules, and processes. We will need a number of volunteers to help us here, and this 1 event can raise over $1500 for the AFA. 

We will be running 3 shifts and each will be overlapped by half an hour so that training can be done for the next shift watching from a distance.
Morning 7am till 11am   -   Lunch 10.30am till 2pm    -     afternoon 1.30pm till 4pm  
We will need a Greeter, Order, Cook, Collect, and BBQ Captain on each shift (training will be done on the day).

We need at least 5 people on each shift, and we will also need a couple of reserves in case people need to go if they start feeling unwell. 
Please let me know if you can help with 1 or 2 of these shifts on the day.  If we only get 4 volunteers per shift, then the BBQ gets shut down on us, so please,  we need as many volunteers as possible. 
If you want to volunteer, but you need slightly different timings, then please let me know as well, as any help given would be appreciated.

Australian Footbike Association 
Ph 0407 699884