Star Council Award

Let's start our new fraternal year strong working towards your Star Council Award

September is here and is when Councils start putting in place goals for their fraternal year.  Lets all of us "talk it Up" regarding attaining the Star Council Award. By attaining this prestigious award, your council is assured that all has been achieved & accomplished. Charity work, growing your council in numbers and protecting your Council's families.

This was the wish of Venerable Father McGivney.

Prior to the end of the fraternal year on June 30, make sure that your council achieves the requirements to qualify for the Father McGivney, Founders', Columbian and Star Council Awards.


Star Council Award
The Star Council Award recognizes outstanding achievement in membership, insurance and service program activities. To be eligible to earn the Star Council Award, a council must qualify for the Father McGivney, Founder's, and Columbian awards.
Columbian Award  -  Programs
Councils must conduct and report at least four major programs in each of the Service Program categories: Church, community, council, family, culture of life, and youth. Completed applications must reach the Supreme Council office by June 30. In addition to meeting the traditional Columbian Award requirements - conducting at least four programs in each category - each of the six Columbian Award categories also has at least one featured program. By meeting all requirements for a featured program activity in a particular category, a council fulfills all requirements for that category.  The six categories and the featured programs for each follow:

                                   Church  -  Community  -  Council  -  Culture of Life  -  Family -  Youth

Father McGivney Award  -  Membership
Father McGivney Award: Achieve membership quota. The quota for councils is 7 percent increase of the council's membership as of July 1.  The minimum quota is 4 and the maximum is 35.  Councils that attain Star Council status and achieve 200 percent of their net gain goal will receive the Double Star Council Award.  If they achieve 300 percent of their net gain goal they will receive the Triple Star Council Award.

Founders' Award  -  Insurance
Achieve insurance membership quota. The minimum quota is 3 and the maximum of 18 based on an associate member becoming an insured member. RRSP and TFSA also count as an insured member with a minimum K of C account of $300.00.

Let's "Talk it Up" and together attain for your Council the Star Council Award!

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God Bless,  Stephen
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