Term 3, Week 1 - Friday 27 July 2018

From the Principal


While it has only been a few days since returning from the three-week break, our boys are to be commended for how quickly they have settled back into the routines of classes and extracurricular activities. As you can imagine, the first week back is also a very social occasion as boys catch up with friends they haven't seen for a few weeks. While often overlooked, connecting and reconnecting with friends is an incredibly important part of our community life and one of the most significant contributors to the boys' well-being.

We offer a special welcome to those students who are commencing at Rostrevor this semester, among them six new Reception students. As you can see from the gallery photos they are full of smiles as they get to know their new friends and teachers.

Welcome to the following new members of staff who have joined us in recent weeks. We look forward to working with them and to make the most of their expertise and fresh perspectives.

  • Luke Manuel, Head of Co-Curricular Programs
  • Raquel Hogben, Science
  • Harrison Modra, English & HASS
  • Tania Rogers, College Accountant


There are so many great stories and moments in any day at Rostrevor.  We are working on ways to better share the good news with our parents and the broader community. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy our reformatted newsletter that will provide you with a quick update of what's been happening over the past week, celebrations of student achievement along with links to bigger stories and, in some cases, in-depth articles about raising and educating boys.

Our social media posts will continue to provide the most up to date coverage of breaking news and links to many of the news articles appearing in the mainstream media.


It is my pleasure to introduce Mr Luke Manuel as our newly appointed Head of Co-Curricular Programs.

The Appointment Panel was particularly impressed by Luke's application, his deep understanding of the importance of co-curricular activities in the lives of boys and the many connections with academic success. As an Old Collegian and current player with ROCFC, Luke is well-placed to help us develop the co-curricular program over the years ahead.

While our extensive sports program is a strength of the College, Luke will lead a small team to review every aspect of our co-curricular program, processes and structures as part of our planning for 2019 and beyond. We look forward to sharing more of this project with you as things develop over the next few months.

One of the benefits of the four-term structure of the school year is the opportunities it provides students to stop, reflect on their progress and to reset their goals for the term ahead. While many things remain the same in the College from one semester to the next, the semester changeover makes it possible for us to introduce a slightly different mix of subjects in response to varying student interests. It also allows us to make a few staffing adjustments based on teachers' expertise, the College subject mix and the number of staff taking leave. While some may lament 'losing' a favourite teacher, it usually only takes a few lessons to discover that a new teacher brings a fresh perspective and many new opportunities for learning.


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Have you ever stopped to reflect upon the important role played by grandparents? No doubt many were very active in recent weeks helping to care for younger boys while parents worked, while some are regulars to the College as they help out with the drop-off and pick up routine. Why is it that grandparents seem to have so much more time for their grandchildren compared to what we remember from our own childhood? How have I been shaped through the love, care and advice of my grandparents?

This Thursday our Church celebrated the feast of Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. While little is known about these special grandparents from our history, we can only wonder at their influence on the man Jesus, who changed the world forever. So, as we bring our first week to a close, we give thanks to grandparents of all generations and the love they have shared with us.

Best wishes for the week ahead.

Brian Schumacher

Rostrevor Skiers at Mt Hotham enjoying the view.

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