Term 3, Week 7 - Friday 7 September 2018

From the Principal

EREA Congress

This weekend I will be away attending the EREA Congress. The purpose of the Congress is to gather the EREA community and its partners, reflect upon EREA's mission as it has been expressed since the 2012 Congress and to determine the broad directions of EREA in the next period of its story.

Blue Week

Next week the College Prefects will host 'Blue Week' to help raise awareness of men's health, including depression and anxiety. House Captains will deliver presentations at gatherings held during the week and a range of other activities to raise money for beyondblue have been organised. You will have received a letter outlining the schedule for the week.

Stress & Anxiety

As we approach the end of Term 3 many Year 12 students will be feeling the pressure of finalisng major assessment tasks for moderation. If your son is in Year 12 and currently not experiencing any stress, take this as a warning sign.

There will be times in all students' schooling where they experience stress and anxiety, no matter the year level. It is essential for us as parents to be tuned in to our children to recognise early warning signs so that we can provide the required support.  READ MORE


Achilles Cup

At Rostrevor there has been a long tradition of participation in the Achilles Cup. This is an athletic competition conducted between SAAS member schools and is one of the longest running events in school athletics. The Achilles Cup is conducted annually on the last Thursday in September; this year it will be held on Thursday 27 September.

Trials are underway for selection of the College Achilles Cup Team. Selection will be based on our College Carnival results, with the final selection process being undertaken in Week 9. I would like to wish all participants the very best and the final team every success on the day of the event.

Brian Schumacher


Luke Valente hands over the 2018 Intercol Match Football signed by the First XVIII to the College for safe keeping.


It's not a Community event without you and we are always in need of volunteers!  Apart from being the biggest Parents' and Friends' fundraiser of the year, it is also a great day of 'friend raising.'   CLICK HERE for up-to-date information about the 2018 Twilight Fair.

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Term 3: Monday 23 July to Friday 28 September
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